Whenever grown-ups yell at me
The cogs and gears inside my head
Seize up and halt their job to twist
Leaving part of my brain for dead

The words I want to pummel back
Refuse to yield and hold on tight
And though my heart is struggling
The gears stay taught and refuse to figh

tAnd so I stand in silence, stunned
Unable, useless and afraid
Because although I know I'm right
My instincts leave me where I've stayed

No matter when the wheels snap shut
And all the turning's left behind
I always try to run away
To where the pain can never find

The words are screamed right at my face
And then the cogs take stock of gears
So never could I hope to scream
Short of a hundred million years

My words are all stuck in my throat
Because the gears refuse to turn
No matter what I want to do
I am forced to stay and learn

Obstinately the cogs stay still
And nothing but a croak comes out
Until the danger's good and passed
And there's no longer a need to shout

That's when I let the gears and wheels
And all those little marvelous things
Spin and whirr and crank and grind
Until my words begin to sing

And no matter what my head believes
No matter how fast my gears can wheel
I know my time is oft well spent
And every word I preach is real.