Chapter 9: Childhood Bodyguard Friend

"Is that you, Harris?" My eyes widened.

He smiled, "It's me alright. How have you been, Rosanna?" He glanced down at my dress, "Are you feeling okay after I left?"

Dean interrupted, "You know him?" He asked, remembering that my name was Taylor not Rosanna.

I smiled, "Yeah," I paused, "He's my bubby in BlackArrow Academy." I glanced down at Dean, "Could you please put me down?"

He shook his head, "No."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want you to walk over to some stranger in front of me."

I glared down at Dean, "His not a stranger," I glanced at Harris, "he's my best friend!"

"Fine." He replied, finally letting me down.

I walked over to Harris, "You're so tall now," I glanced up at him, "You ate really well when you came back with your parents right?"

"Yeah," He said, scratching his head, "I guess you could say that. Why are you wearing a dress?" He glanced down at me, "You've changed a lot."

I weakly smiled, "This is so annoying!" I glanced down at the dress, "He made me wear it." I pointed back at Dean, "but don't worry," I whispered to Harris, "his going to pay for it."

Harries chuckled, "So you didn't change after all." He smiled at me, "I like to see you wearing a dress at some point."

I glared at him back, "You want me to break a leg of yours or something."

He smiled, "Sure!"

Dean's eyes widened, "You're joking right?"

Harris smiled at Dean, "We always get into fights once a while," He glanced at me, "it's fun, isn't it?"

I smiled, "Sure is." I lowered my eyes, "Why did you come back?"

Harries glanced at me, "Just wanted to see you." He smiled, "It's been three years, now."

Dean just stood there watching us and by the seems of it, he looked like his annoyed. "Let's go, home." He said, walking over to me.

"Wait." I told him, "How are you going to get back?"

Harris smiled, "Aren't you're lucky you have me here?" He pointed at his motorbike and a rusty metal bike by the yard.

"Awesome!" I exclaimed over the shinny dark rich blue motorbike, "You have the colour that I like too." I smiled back at him, "This is so cool!"

Harris smiled, "Glad you liked it."

Dean walked over, "How am I going to get home then?" He looked at me.

Harris and I exchanged glances, "The bike over there, of course." We said it at the same time. I looked over to Harris and laughed, "Hi-5!"

He slapped me five, "I can't believe that we still do that after these years without seeing each other."

I laughed, "We sure do."

Dean looked at the rusty old bike, "What?"

"C'mon," I said, "it stills works and all." I pointed at the metal bike, "It's just a bit old."

"Fine!" He said, climbing over the bike and rung the small bell, "Let's go home, before they come out." He glanced back at the car yard.

Harris and I nodded, "I'll drive." We both said at the same time again. He and I paused and laughed again.

"I'll drive." He said, "It's been a long time, so I want to be a gentleman," He glanced at me seeing my long hair, flowing in the wind a bit, "especially when you're wearing a dress."

"Could you stop going on about the dress?" I asked him, trying to be polite, "It's really starting to annoy me."

"Okay," He nodded and sat over the motorbike, "Hop on." He said to me.

I lightly jumped and sat by the side of the motorbike holding on the seat. Harris reached for my hands and placed them where around his waist.

"Hold tight, please," He glanced back at me, "I don't want you to fall down."

"Fine." I mumbled.

He smiled as his green eyes twinkled at me.

"Can we go now?" Dean asked, almost complaining.

We all nodded.

Back at the receptionist of the hotel, I smiled at the girl, "Could we take three rooms please?" I passed my credit card.

The young girl smiled, "Sure." She said typing on the computer and swipes my card, "Your rooms are 142, 143 and 144." She passed me the key cards along with my credit card.

"Thank you." I replied, and turned back to Harris and Dean, "Here are your rooms," I gave the key cards to them.

Harris smiled, "Thank you." He said, "I have 143."

Dean glanced down at his card, "I have 144."

I smiled, "And I have 142."

"What floor is this?" Dean pointed.

"About floor eight," Harris replied.

Dean glanced at the elevator which was crowded and smiled, "Let's go by the stairs. Just for fun."

"Sure." We all agreed.

Walking to about floor five, my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I stood there holding the handle bars of the stairs, rubbing my ankle; I can't believe I forgot about my foot when agreeing to go by stairs.

The two of them, walked in front of me climbing up the stairs. Dean stopped, "Are you going to be okay?"

I smiled at him, "Yeah." I replied, "I'll catch up to you guys." The moment when I finished my sentence, Dean was about to help me up. But when I glanced up, I saw Harris carrying me on his back, "I said I would be fine." I complained.

"You only meant that when you're not rubbing your bandages." He said to me.

I rolled my eyes, "Just let me down."

"No." He said, "You're ankle is going to get worst."

I frowned, "Fine." I sighed.

He smiled and raced up the stairs, where Dean was following.

Sitting there by a chair, I was in the living room looking at them both. Who were both searching for something, I have no idea of.

"What are you guys looking for?" I asked them, seeing them opening and closing the cupboards of the room.

They turned to me and didn't reply. They both sighed and sat there by the couch. "I can't find it." They said, simultaneously.

Both of them glanced at each other.

I smiled, "Find what?"

"Never mind." Dean replied.

I shook my head, They both have boy problems today.

"Hey," Harris glanced at me, "What's your job now?"

I looked at Dean and pointed, "To maintain him."

Dean smiled, with that grinned as though I won something.

"That's right." Harris began, looking at me again.

I glanced down at myself and saw that I was still in this dress. I stood up, "I need to do something," I headed into the bedroom and closed the door.

The two boys glanced at each other, "How did you know Taylor?" Dean asked.

"Taylor?" Harris replied, and then he suddenly remembered, "Oh right." He glanced at Dean, "We've know each other since we're two... and after her father died."

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