AN: There will be a significant lack of author notes for this story. This is the product of my half-minded writing from when I was in classes 7 and 8. I just uploaded, in a go. I've typed out only 6 chapters (I know, two years and 6 chapters?) The rest might or might not come depending on the reactions I get.

Chapter 1

Place: Somewhere over France

Criss was irritated. Irritated with his mom for sending him back to school. Irritated with his dad for not letting him portalize himself to school. Irritated with his friend and neighbour Riocco, for calling dibs on the window-seat in the plane that was taking them to Switzerland. He was irritated with his best friend Daphne for not supporting his cause of allowing wizards-in-training to design burglar-proof houses. Criss was also irritated with his other best friend Nicole Acklin for not keeping in touch with him for the entire vacation. He was sure the two girls were planning something big and not letting him in on it. He kicked the seat in front of him.

'Hey kid, keep your feet to yourself!' said the man sitting in front of him. Riocco sniggered and Criss punched him.

'Chill dude, Daphne wouldn't leave you out of her plans,' said Riocco and added after that, 'although I know that Nicole is capable of painting the whole Zat'ae lime green and keeping Lord Fitzpatrick from finding out.' Lord Fitzpartick was the principal of the Zat'ae.

Criss just glared at him. Finally he spoke, 'Nic would never think of painting the Zat'ae green. She hates green. And besides, that's not what's irritating me. School starts in four days and we're leaving today. If we left two days later, we wouldn't have to stay in some godforsaken hotel. '

'Whatever man.'

Place: Berne, Switzerland

Nic was scurrying about her room stuffing 'stuff' into her backpack. One of her friends, one she made at a summer camp in Borneo recently, had invited her over for a couple of days. Lucky me, thought Nic, everyone else must be leaving their houses to get to school. She did not have to because her house was in Berne, just a half-hour drive from her school in Floggerborne.

'Nicole Ashleigh Acklin, if you are not down here in the next one minute, you have had it young lady!' came her mother's voice from downstairs.

' I thought you were kicking werewolf ass somewhere in the US!' yelled her older brother Danny from his room.

'I'm back honey. Nic, thirty seconds….'

Danny stuck his curly-haired head into her room.

'Does she know you're going to Mirabelle Hlasek's?' he asked Nic, who was now trying to zip her backpack. He wasn't sure whether Nic really wanted to go. She looked sort of half-minded. Maybe I could persuade her not to go and we could sit and watch some of her favourite car crash movies, he thought. Or maybe not, Danny added, after seeing Nic grinning at him.

'Dad must have told her. Hey, race you to the stairs!'

The stairway was a spiral one, made of polished black metal and unfortunately not wide enough for both of them.

'Let go Danny, I was here two seconds before you!'

'Well I was born two years before you!'

'That doesn't count move-'

The two siblings started pushing each other until Nic fell down the stairs. While Danny stared at her open-mouthedly, Nic just stood up, dusted herself, flicked her curly brown hair out of her eyes and said, 'I'm okay!' as casually as casual could get.

'Nicky, your dad is busy so I'll drop off at the Hlaseks' and buy some groceries. Is there anything you both need before school reopens?' without waiting for an answer Jessie Acklin pulled her daughter into her car and drove off.

'You'd expect the woman to be more careful with her kids. But what to do, it's a family thing.' said Danny shaking his head in mock sorrow.

Place: The Queen Victoria Luxury Liner, in the Atlantic Ocean

Daphne Adams was the happiest person on earth. Not only was she going to Floggerborne with her parents, but there were only four more days until school reopened. She couldn't wait to meet her friends.

Few months ago, if she was faced with the same situation, Daphne would have been the saddest person on earth. Few months back, Daphne was your average wizard-in-training, a student of the Zat'ae. But then, few months back, all of wizardkind was turned to stone except for Daphne and two of her friends. Together, the three of them saved their race and helped to catch the evil maniac who was behind all of this. Today, Daphne was a hero amongst her old friends, but was the most likeable person in the world to her new best friends, the ones she made while saving the world.

'Hey, you're Daphne Adams, right?' asked someone from nearby, waking Daphne from her reverie. She was on a float in the swimming pool of a luxury liner on traveling from Russia to Portugal, from where she would get on a plane to Switzerland. In a place called Floggerborne, in Switzerland, was the best and only wizarding school in the world. Daphne, her friends and lots of other teenager wizards went there. So did the person who was speaking to Daphne.

'Yeah. And you are Luke….'began Daphne half recognizing the pale, tall boy with long floppy black hair that fell on his forehead like the wing of a raven, almost covering his right eye.


'Right, Winchester. I knew you from last year's history class. I never found out your last name though…'

'Now you did!'

'Now I did…. So you too are going back to school?' asked Daphne.

'Yeah. But my dad's not very happy with it, you see.' said Luke. In fact, his dad was never happy with anything. Jacob Winchester the Second was a very unhappy person right from his childhood. He hated his name and had come up with a nickname. But people mocked him for it. He was rather puny and was bullied throughout his school life. Then when he apprenticed under William Krajick the mind-reader in London, which was really his hometown, he met an American girl. A girl who changed his life. Jacob married her and they had a daughter, and five years later, a son. But those were bad times. Jacob had to give up his apprenticeship and move to Serbia, in order to get a decent job and provide for his family.

Just when he thought life was finally treating him well and he was blessed with his family, his wife died of cancer. All the joy was sucked out of Jacob's life. He turned back to his old master Krajick, who had taken to a life of evil. Jacob took up his old nickname and followed Krajick. A year later, his daughter was killed by the Delmacii (the secret intelligence service of wizards). Jacob completely devoted his life to evil. He wanted to destroy the whole of wizardkind. His master came up with a scheme; Jacob helped, but in the end they were defeated by some teenagers and Krajick was also killed. Jacob decided to take up his master's job. He would rule the world. The people would tremble when they heard his name. His name would no longer be Jacob Winchester the Second. He was the almighty Fleetrox….

And while his son Luke sat by the pool talking to Daphne with plans to get back to inconspicuously get back to school, Fleetrox made plans of his own. He wanted to shadow the three kids who had killed his master and discovered where the Dragon was. He found enough information about each of them. The first girl, Daphne Adams, had lived most of her life in Russia, though their family was originally from California, USA. Her parents were song-writers for Eliza Karkanova, a sixty-something year old Russian singer. In fact, Fleetrox had taken his son with him to Russia to research about the girl and Luke was now returning to Switzerland to go back to school. Somehow, the Adams girl wasn't good enough a target.

Then there was the boy- Criss Standler. His family was settled in some town in Italy. His father was a scientist and so was his mother. The boy, from what Fleetrox knew, wanted to be an architect. He was really smart, maybe a little impractical, but definitely smart.

Finally there was the other girl. She and that Daphne Adams were best friends from when they joined the Zat'ae. Nicole Acklin, yes, that was her name. Her father was an important member of the Delmacus operations in Switzerland. Her mother too, held some high position among the Delmacii. Fleetrox knew this before he researched about the girl. As a matter of fact, he knew all about the Acklins. It was that wretched man, Jaime Acklin, the girl's father, who had led the operation against Fleetrox's daughter. He had killed her. And for doing that, he was made Head of Intelligence and Investigation Operations for the whole of Switzerland. Yes, Nicole Acklin would be perfect. How convenient, thought Fleetrox, I can hit two fishes with one stone….or was it two chickens? Whatever…