1Just some random little story about a random little werewolf girl who decides to wait for sex.

Jess laughed aloud as the scratchy, prickly stubble that covered her boyfriend's chin brushed over the sensitive skin on her neck. She had told him countless times that she hated it, the stubble. That he should really shave more often because it made him look homeless. Though as her eyes scrunched up and her nose crinkled, she couldn't help but adore it. Another laugh was let loose when he started to purposefully drag his face all over hers, like a dog would do to another dog. Or rather, wolf, as it would seem. He wasn't even kissing her now, fully concentrated on inflicting the torture.

"Stop! Ah, Jack, Jack! Stop-!" Jess could barely talk in-between her now full blown laughter and Jack's activities. She moved her hands from their resting place on the nape of his neck where they had been previously caressing his brown, wavy hair, and started to push against his face. He began laughing as well when her hands obscured his handsome features. He stuck his tongue out and licked her hand where it had been placed over his mouth. Jess screamed in mock disgust and drew her hand back to inspect the damage. Her palm glistened with boyfriend saliva. She could smell him all over it.

"Thanks for that. My turn!" she pounced on him before he could even think of a snarky remark. They toppled over and onto the grass where an imprint was still visible from where they were lying previously. Jess, now sitting triumphantly atop him, took her hands to the side of his face, bent down forehead to forehead with him, and promptly licked the entirety of his nose. Now he would be smelling her all day.

Instead of the reaction she was hoping for, one that consisted of a heated make-out session, Jack touched one of her hands and smiled lovingly up at her despite the fact that he had just been slobbered upon by his she-wolf girlfriend. Jess picked up on his sudden and badly timed mood change and sat back to observe him. She was hoping that their little picnic escape out in the middle of nowhere would say to him 'Hey, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, it's secluded, let's fuck' but either he wasn't feeling it or was just oblivious. So much for that plan.

The Full Moon would appear tonight, and Jess was already feeling the effects. The intense need to mate would not be awakened until the actual Full Moon, but her body was alight with sensitivity. And having a male so close and accessible. . . but no. Jack wanted to wait until tonight, and she respected that. It would be the first time the pair would mate, sealing their relationship forever. A pretty big commitment, but it was one they had talked about for quite some time.

Jess huffed and rolled off of him. She decided the next best thing would be to cuddle, so she rested her thick, also brown hair on his broad chest. Her arms wrapped around him as his did the same to her. She looked up to search his face and maybe give a little pout for a kiss, but she found that he had closed his eyes and wore a content smile. The hobo-stubble mocked her, but he at least he was a sexy hobo. Her heart warmed and she mentally patted herself on the back for not giving in to her wolf side.

She found that this was equally as stimulating.

So maybe she's only waiting a day, but it still counts. See? Not ALL werewolf stories involve shmexy sexy smutty sex scenes. Just most of them. I can't write lemons worth shit, but you're welcome to for this story. Just message me the story and give me credit for my characters.

I want you all to know that I have nothing against stubble, I love stubble, and that some people just don't like it.

Thanks for reading!