The moon illuminated the dark sky above London - nary a soul to be seen in the streets. A lone woman stood at the highest point of the city, an emotionless expression on her face. Her long black hair swayed with the breeze, her black trench coat doing the same. Under the trench coat she wore an oversized black sweater, and a short red skirt.

This woman was Alundra Blazer, a vampire hunter working for the Vampire Hunter Association. The VHA, as it was commonly referred to, was the biggest alliance of vampire hunters in the world. Alistar Vayner, the head of the VHA, had sent Alundra on a mission to exterminate an extremely dangerous vampire.

This vampire had caused an extravagant amount of deaths in the area recently, and even the outside world was beginning to get suspicious. Alundra had to kill the vampire before the outside world could figure out the truth about the world she lived in.

This world where vampires weren't the hunter, they were the hunted.

Alundra hadn't been given many details on the vampire, only his name.

Edmund Klavier.

That was the name of the vampire she needed to kill.

Alundra's nose suddenly perked up. The scent of a vampire was filling her nostrils. A trained hunter could never miss the scent of a vampire for it was very unique. It wasn't so much a bad smell as it was intoxicating. A rookie hunter could easily become overwhelmed by the scent.

Alundra took off, heading toward the scent quickly. As she jumped from roof to roof, she made sure that her feet only touched each building once. Alundra finally landed on top of a warehouse, a shadowed man awaiting her there.

The vampire hunter quickly got into a fighting stance, glaring at the man before her. He wore a brown v-neck shirt and black jeans. In every way imaginable he resembled a normal person. However, Alundra knew the truth.

This man was a vampire.

The man simply smirked, as he ran a hand through his short, dirty brown hair. If he was scared of Alundra then he wasn't showing it.

"What's wrong, girl?" he asked in a sarcastic tone. "You seem to be greeting me with quite the angry expression. I've done nothing to deserve such a look. I was merely standing on this roof, minding my own business, when you decided to invade my personal space. So, could you be a dear and tell me why exactly you're here?"

"Cut the crap," Alundra growled through gritted teeth. "I know that you're the vampire who has been killing people in London. You have to be the one considering that you have such an intoxicating scent! I'm glad that I've finally found you, Edmund Klavier!"

The man looked Alundra over, a sign of amusement clearly visible on his face. The man closed his bright golden eyes, shaking one of his slim fingers at the vampire hunter.

"You're mistaken, girl. I am a vampire, but I am not Edmund Klavier. I don't like to be associated with trash like him."

Alundra's face went pale, the realization hitting that she might have the wrong target.

"If you're not Edmund Klavier then who are you?" she asked through pursed lips. "You can't be a low ranking vamp with such a strong scent. It's one of the most powerful I've ever smelled."

"My name is Jack," he stated with minor indifference. Jack paused for a second as he elicited a small groan. "Jack Klavier."

"Wh…what did you just say?" Alundra stammered in a raised voice. "You're related to Edmund Klavier? That means you must know where he is. You can either tell me where he is or force me to use other methods to get his location out of you."

"You don't listen very well, do you girl?" Jack asked in annoyance. "I am related to Edmund. In fact, I'm his little brother. I haven't been in contact with him, though, in several years. I don't associate with murdering trash like him."

Alundra's face stiffened, as she looked Jack over. She had heard of vampires like this who avoided killing humans if possible. She wasn't sure if Jack was lying or not, but he seemed, at least on the surface, to be telling the truth.

"Alright, I believe you. Can you give me any information to help me in my hunt for him?"

"Why should I have to help you?" Jack asked dully. "I'm a vampire, you know. I'm not going to sell out one of my own kind, even if it is my bastard of a brother. I'm not lying to you when I say that I have no idea where he is currently. However, I'm not going to help you with your mission. I think you can handle that on your own, sweetie."

A vein throbbed on Alundra's forehead, the hunter clenching her fists tightly. She really did not like the tone this vampire was taking with her.

"I'm getting pretty sick of how nonchalantly you're taking this. I've tried to be civil with you, but if you're going to refuse to help me then I have no choice. I'm going to have to beat the help out of you!"

Jack chuckled softly, opening his eyes wide. His golden orbs shined through the dark, seemingly piercing a hole straight through Alundra.

"If that's the way you want it, then so be it. I won't kill you though, tart. I have something far worse planned for you."

Alundra raised an eyebrow, as a black sword suddenly appeared in her hands.

"I'm guessing that you plan on turning me into a vamp. There isn't a more disgusting disgrace that a hunter could have happen to them."

Jack eyed Alundra's sword, a grin rising up his lips. This was easily the most exciting thing that had happened to him lately. He had to give it to the little tart, she was providing him with a fine, and he meant fine in more ways than one, source of amusement.

"That's right, baby. I'm going to bite your pretty little neck, and claim you as my prize. I hope that you'll enjoy having sharp teeth!" Jack bellowed, flashing his own pointy teeth at the hunter.

Alundra's eyes widened in surprise; Jack already in her face. The hunter quickly swung her sword at Jack, the vampire dodging it with incredible ease. Jack reared back, drilling his right fist into Alundra's face. The hunter screamed out, skidding backward, into a wall, from the impact. Jack grinned, admiring the red mark on Alundra's cheek.

"It pains me to have to hurt such a beauty," Jack said in a silky smooth voice. "I think I'll end this now. Prepare yourself for the bite, lass."

"I'm not going to lose to a vampire like you that easy," Alundra growled, as she rose to her feet. "I am Alundra Blazer! The 25th ranked hunter in the VHA! I won't lose to someone like you!"

"25th?" Jack repeated with a snort. "That means nothing to me. I might care if you were Walter Gaunt or Julian Gigento. Those are hunters worthy of fear and renown. You? I've never even heard your name."

Alundra gave a vicious look toward Jack in response. This vamp was pushing all her buttons. She had always had a bit of an inferiority complex, and didn't like others poking at that sore spot.

"Maybe you can spread my name around…AFTER I BEAT YOUR FACE IN," Alundra roared, as she charged toward Jack.

Jack was surprised by the onslaught, barely evading a series of sword attacks from the hunter. Alundra shoved her sword upward, a blast of lightning shooting from the weapon. Jack cursed, the lightning veering towards him. The lightning found its target, and poured millions of volts of electricity through Jack's body.

The vampire collapsed to his knees, as Alundra walked up to him in a confident swagger.

"Did you think that I was a mere sword user?" Alundra asked with a sly grin. "Any highly ranked hunter will have a couple tricks up their sleeve. I expected more from you, considering the high opinion you seem to have of yourself."

A demented chuckle dripped from Jack's mouth, the hunter looking up into Alundra's baby blue eyes. He admired the spunk of Alundra, but the hunter could really use some brains instead.

"Are you really so dense, doll?" Jack questioned. "We vampire have a few tricks of our own. Only a rookie hunter would be so naïve as to get this close to a vampire. I expected more from you, considering how highly you seem to think of yourself. "

Alundra couldn't even scream as her entire body went numb. The only part of her body that wasn't paralyzed was her eyes – her eyes that were watching in horror as Jack rose to his feet.

"You seem a little petrified," Jack said sarcastically, as he walked toward Alundra. "My vampire power is pretty simple. I hold dominion over anyone who gazes into my eyes. If I desire you to be paralyzed, then you are paralyzed. Quite a handy skill, don't you think?"

Alundra tried to respond, but was unable to move her mouth. She could only look on, powerless, as Jack began to rub his hand against her face.

"Your skin is so delicate," Jack commented with a smirk. "Too delicate."

Jack let out a small chuckle, rearing his left hand back. The vampire proceeded to slap Alundra across the face, grinning all the while. Alundra could only glare at Jack in response, unable to do anything more.

Jack licked his lips, looking over Alundra like a hungry vulture. He was trying to restrain himself, but was quickly losing control. His primal instincts were taking over, and they only got stronger the more he looked at the defenseless Alundra.

"You're at my mercy, little rabbit," Jack stated with sickening pleasure. "Unfortunately for you…I'm not very merciful. I'm not a murderer, but I can be provoked. And when I'm provoked…I tend to get a little crazy."

The instant Jack finished talking he began to slap Alundra in the face repeatedly. The slaps were far harder than the previous one, and began to leave an imprint almost immediately. Jack continued the onslaught, only stopping when Alundra's entire face had become a swollen, bloody mess. Jack admired his handy work with a wicked laugh.

Jack paced around the hunter, before lowering his eyes. His focus was drawn toward Alundra's red skirt.

"My, my…is this short skirt the attire that a female hunter usually wears?" Jack asked Alundra, knowing that he wouldn't receive an answer.

Alundra's eyes widened, Jack's hand suddenly traveling under her skirt. Jack grinned, leaning toward Alundra's bruised face.

"What's wrong?" Jack taunted the hunter. "Do you not like my hand traveling where it doesn't belong? It's too bad that you're mine now. Your entire body belongs to me, and I'm about to cement that ownership."

Jack paused for a second, merely looking into Alundra's eyes. The two were inches from one another, so close that their lips were almost begging to be locked together in a kiss. Jack shrugged off those urges and instead put his hands on Alundra's shoulders.

"It's time," Jack said before biting Alundra's neck viciously.

Blood began to pour out, falling to the ground like drops of rain. Alundra's vision began to blur. She could feel her body starting to give out. Soon enough she blacked out, Jack's golden eyes being the last thing she saw.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Vampire Blazer. This is, basically, a redone version of a story, which had the same name, I published, and never finished, on here a few years ago. My main goal with this new version is to give better insight into what the characters are really thinking. I don't think I handled Alundra's conflicting emotions very well originally, which is something I want to definitely change.

Overall, I just wanted to do a better job with the story as a whole. There was a lot I would have done differently now, and that's what I aim to do with this new version.