"You think that you're so clever," Luxeria started, shooting a disgusted look toward Enid. "But you're only hiding the true you. I can see through your ridiculous façade."

"Is that so?" Enid asked, sticking her tongue out playfully. "You seem to think that you know me. I didn't know we were so intimate, Luxeria."

"That's not it. I've just seen so many humans like you. You hide and run away from your true self. I know how to spot such a pitiful creature better than anyone, because I used to be just as pitiful."

Enid raised an eyebrow, frowning slightly. "This isn't a charade. You might think that I'm running from my true self, but you're mistaken. Don't sit here and try to play psychologist. It's not very cute."

"Whatever you say," Luxeria said before vanishing from sight.

The vampire appeared above Enid, kicking at the hunter. Enid skillfully evaded, snapping her whip upward. Enid looked on with glee as the weapon wrapped around Luxeria's leg. The elite hunter quickly jerked her whip downward, slamming Luxeria into the ground. Luxeria let out a groan of pain, as Enid looked down at her.

"Did you know that Enid means soul, Luxeria?"

"What of it?" Luxeria growled.

"My soul is tingling with excitement about this fight. Being able to fight a vampire as beautiful as you makes my soul burn bright with passion. It makes me want to release my fluid all over."

"You're disgusting," Luxeria snarled, struggling to get to her knees. "I feel sorry for you. What could have happened to you? What could have happened that would make you want to become this ridiculous caricature?"

Enid grunted, kicking Luxeria back down. "I'm getting annoyed now. You're not as clever as you think you are. This fantasy you have of my past is incorrect."

"It's sad that you're so committed to hiding from the truth," Luxeria said, looking up at Enid. "But how about I show you my power? I'll end this fight and your false delusions."

"Oh?" Enid asked sarcastically. "Show me your power then. I'm sure I'll find it quite delicious."

"You think your whip is great, right?" Luxeria asked, rising to her to feet. "Let me show you that I can make far deadlier whips!"

The vampire waved her hands in the air, grinning. Enid looked down, shocked, as the ground began to shake. A flurry of vines shot up from underneath Enid, and quickly constricted her body.

Luxeria charged toward Enid, delivering a punch straight to her face. Enid moaned as Luxeria repeatedly punched her in the face. Luxeria only stopped when blood began to stain her knuckles. The vampire jumped back, whisking her hand through the air. The vines lifted Enid upward, and then slammed her into the ground with tremendous force.

Enid lay on the ground motionless, as a river of blood began to leak out from under her body. The vines vanished back into the ground, as a batch of flowers sprung up to replace them.

"My power is that of nature itself," Luxeria stated. "Your puny whip is nothing in comparison."

"You're not cute when you're cocky," Enid snarled, suddenly lashing her whip toward Luxeria.

The vampire frowned as it wrapped around her leg. Luxeria let out a yelp, dropping to her knees, as she began to feel weak. Enid got to her feet and ran toward Luxeria. Luxeria screamed in agony as Enid kicked her straight in the face.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Luxeria groaned, lying on her back.

"Did you really think that my whip had no special power? That is so foolishly naïve of someone like you. I'm beginning to lose interest in you, Luxeria. I don't find interest in morons; no matter how cute they might be."

Enid wrapped her whip around Luxeria's throat, and used it to lift the vampire off the ground. The elite hunter looked at the vampire with sick satisfaction. She had expected more than this from the vampire, but in the end this would suffice.

"You made me bleed, Luxeria. You battered my beautiful face with no remorse. It's only fitting that I do the same to you. Right?"

Enid didn't wait for an answer, delivering a vicious backhand to Luxeria's face. Luxeria screamed out, as Enid delivered a rapid flurry of punches. Enid only stopped when Luxeria's entire face had turned into a crimson mess. The hunter tossed Luxeria aside, sighing.

"It's such a pity that I had to destroy beauty like yours. But you were asking for it with such inane cockiness. I guess I'll have to end this now. What a waste."

Enid began to point her whip at Luxeria, but quickly stopped and covered up her mouth. The hunter started to cough up blood violently.

Enid glanced toward Luxeria, scowling. "What the hell did you do to me?"

Luxeria sat up, grinning toward Enid. "I made sure that you wouldn't win. That's all."

Enid sunk to her knees and started to cough up even more blood. She could feel her body beginning to grow weak. "That doesn't answer my question! Did you poison me?"

"Bingo," Luxeria answered. "Those flowers that sprang up after the vines left were my trump card. Those flowers release an extremely dangerous toxin into the air. Of course, as a master of nature, the toxin doesn't harm me. However, to you it's a death knell. You should only have another minute or two before you go into cardiac arrest."

"How DARE YOU," Enid screamed, struggling to stand back up. Her vision was beginning to blur slightly. "I cannot believe that I would lose like this! This is not the way that my reign of temptation should end!"

Luxeria sighed and shot a sober look toward Enid. "Do you still refuse to deny the truth? Can you still not accept that you've been living a lie?"

Luxeria wasn't sure if she would get through to the hunter, but she was hoping she could. Hopefully she could help Enid realize how foolish she had become before she died.

"No…I haven't been living a lie! YOU'RE WRONG!"


A younger Enid leaned against a railing, as she watched a group of hunters practice fighting. She sighed, turning her back to them.

This was how it always was. This loneliness was the story of her life. She had been in The Holy Order for years now. Her parents had been killed by vampires when she was very young. She had hoped to find companionship here, but that seemed like a dream that would never be fulfilled.

Enid narrowed her eyes, watching as a boy with dirty-blond hair walked up to her. This was Zelman Deane. Zelman was from Australia and, like Enid and most others here, vampires had killed his parents.

He was also her worst enemy.

"Look who we have here," Zelman said smugly. "Ugly little Enid all by herself. What a shock. I've never seen this before."

"Shut up," Enid grumbled, shifting her eyes away from Zelman. "I'm not in the mood for this today."

"What's this? Did you finally get a backbone? How shocking! Too bad that it doesn't help you. You want to know the real reason that nobody likes you, Enid?"

"What?" Enid asked somberly.

"You're the kind of person that everybody hates. You're a pure and utter drag. You have virtually no presence, no conviction. You don't stand out as good or bad. You're just there. You know how some people have ridiculous charisma and seem to be able to seduce others with their mere words? You're the exact opposite."

Enid turned away from Zelman, as tears began to pour from her eyes. "I'll show you one day, Zelman. I'll become the kind of person that can even seduce someone like you!"

Zelman chuckled, watching as Enid began to run away. "I'll be waiting for that day. Until then you'll remain the useless, ugly, worthless creature you are now."


Enid snapped out of her memories and began to scream. "You're wrong, Luxeria Drayne! I did become a seductress! I did succeed in my goal!"

Luxeria shook her head, watching as Enid fell to the ground. "I feel nothing but pity for you. I was hoping that I could help you see the light before you pass. Seems like I failed…"

Enid lifted her head up, growling at Luxeria. "You never could have succeeded. This is what I always wanted to be! And this death…it's not befitting of someone like me! This death isn't beautiful! It's not erotic! It won't seduce anybody!"

"You're wrong. It is befitting of you. You're not beautiful the way you are now and you're most certainly not erotic. You're a perfect representation of the dark side of humanity. You're a pathetic human being who hides her insecurities away under a fake mask. You're no seductress. The only person you've ever seduced was yourself."

"YOU'RE WRONG!" Enid yelled at the top of her lungs.

The hunter struggled to crawl toward Luxeria, as she felt her body begin to give out. Luxeria shot one more pitying glance toward Enid before turning her back to the hunter. Luxeria said nothing more, walking toward the door. The vampire left the room, leaving Enid to die alone.