Alundra stood behind a half-opened door, observing Travis closely. The 1st ranked hunter was simply sitting in a chair, staring a hole into the wall in front of him. The former hunter finally gathered up her courage and walked through the door. Travis turned his head, glancing toward Alundra.

"Why, Travis?" Alundra asked, straddling a strand of her hair.

Travis looked at Alundra in confusion. "Why what?"

Alundra frowned, walking toward Travis. "You know why. Don't act coy now."

Travis furrowed his brow. He had an idea what she meant, but he wanted to avoid talking about that if possible. "I really don't know what you're talking about, Alundra."

Alundra growled, continuing to walk forward until she was right in Travis' face. "Do you think I'm a fool? I know why you left The Holy Order! No matter how much you try to lie and say you had other reasons. How am I supposed to live with this guilt, Travis? You threw away your position, your career and your life for me! Why? Why am I so special to you?!"

Travis took a step back, holding in a sigh. This is what he had feared would happen. He would have to tell Alundra his true feelings here and now. The time for lying was over.

"I love you Alundra. Whether you're vampire or human, my feels will remain the same. You don't have to feel the same about me. That's fine. But I can't belong to an organization seeking to kill the one I love."

Alundra stood still, a flabbergasted look on her face. She had always heard rumblings that Travis liked her. Allison had basically said as much in their fight yesterday. However, to hear Travis flat out say that he loved her was bewildering. Especially because Alundra knew that she didn't feel the same.

"I…I don't understand, Travis. What have I ever done to make you love me so?"

"Do you not remember that mission two years ago? The mission where the two of us were sent to hunt down Arch Bale."

A memory flashed through Alundra's head. The former 25th ranked hunter began to remember the mission that Travis was referring to.


Alundra had just been promoted to the 25th ranked hunter in the VHA. Her first mission as a ranked hunter was with Travis Silo; who, at the time, was the 2nd ranked hunter in the organization. Their mission was to hurt down and kill a very dangerous vampire. They were assigned to kill the infamous Arch Bale.

"Alundra, stick close to me," Travis commanded as the two hunters entered a large cave. "Arch Bale could be anywhere in here."

"I'm right here!" A loud voice echoed through the cave. Travis jumped back, barely evading a punch from the attacker. Arch Bale appeared in front of the two with a sickening grin on his face. The vampire had pale white skin offsetting his spiky black hair. "I see that the VHA has sent their rising star to come kill me. How do you do, Travis Silo?"

A gun appeared in each of Travis' hands, as he pointed them at the vampire. "You're dying here and now, Arch Bale. I hope you've enjoyed your long life. Do you have any last words before you finally get the death you've deserved for far too long?"

"You're quite the confident one," Arch said sarcastically as he stretched his arms out. "Do you really think that you can kill me?"

"Of course I do. Why else would I be here?"

Arch shook his head, grinning cockily. "Guess I'll need to show you your place!"

Arch leapt at Travis the second he finished talking, kicking at the hunter. Travis evaded with ease, firing a flurry of bullets at the vampire. Arch evaded the bullets, turning his attention toward Alundra. The vampire smirked, charging toward the newly ranked hunter. Travis growled, leaping at Alundra and tackling her out of the way.

Travis screamed out in agony as a searing pain shot through his left shoulder. The hunter looked up, grimacing as he saw that claws had replaced Arch's fingernails.

"I see that you've become acquainted with my power as a vampire. How would you like these beautiful claws to sink into your heart, Travis?" Arch asked with disturbing glee.

"Fuck you," Travis snarled, shooting a rapid barrage of bullets with the gun in his right hand. Arch's eyes went wide, five bullets instantly traveling through his chest.

"I see," Arch began as he stumbled forward. Blood was beginning to drip heavily from his chest. "You can actually accelerate the speed at which your bullets travel. Quite an impressive ability you have there. I foolishly didn't doge right away because I expected them to travel at the same speed as the ones you fired before. You beat me fair and square. Unfortunately for you, my claws are poisonous. You're dead too, Travis Silo. Guess our match ends in a draw." Arch stated before falling to the ground – dead.

"Dammit," Travis grumbled as he keeled over and grabbed his shoulder in pain. "Alundra, get out of here. I'm a goner."

"I can't just leave you here," Alundra insisted. The hunter had absolutely no idea what to do in this situation, but she knew that she couldn't just leave Travis to die. He had just saved her life.

"There is nothing you can do for me. The poison will kill me before you can possibly get me to a doctor. Just go and report that our mission was a success to Lord Alistar."

"I'm not leaving you, Travis!" Alundra emphasized, as she looked Travis over. "I've had some medical training. I'll suck the poison out of your shoulder."

"Fine," Travis agreed, finally giving in. The 2nd ranked hunter shivered, feeling Alundra's mouth against his shoulder. The 25th ranked hunter methodically sucked the poison out, making sure to spit out whatever got in her mouth. Alundra finally stopped, looking into Travis' eyes.

"I got all the poison out, but you're going to need to rest. You won't be at peak condition until you get a good rest."

"Are you saying that we should stay in this cave for the night?" Travis asked with a frown.

"That's exactly what I'm saying! I'll make us a fire so you just sit here and rest." Alundra ordered before heading deeper into the cave. Travis watched her go as a small smile crept up his face.

Night fell as rain poured down loudly outside the cave. The two hunters were sitting in front of a fire. Alundra was next to Travis, making sure that he stayed warm. The 25th ranked hunter dozed off, falling asleep on Travis' shoulder. Travis smiled again, bigger than before, liking this feeling more than he wanted to admit.


"I was just doing the right thing," Alundra asserted. "I didn't mean anything by it."

"I know that," Travis replied with a slight edge in his voice. "But I can't help my feelings, Alundra. You should know that."

Alundra grimaced as an uncomfortable feeling filled her body. "I don't know what to tell you, Travis. I'd like to tell you otherwise but I don't feel the same."

Travis let out a soft chuckle, even as a weary look covered his face. "I expected as much. Don't worry about it. I betrayed the VHA to protect you and that's what I'll do. Hearing Raymond just made me feel even better about my choice. I know now that we were never anything but tools to Bartholomew. I'll side with vampires like Desmond any day over someone who just uses people."

"It scares me, though," Alundra began in a low voice. "What is Bartholomew planning? He clearly has a goal outside of just killing vampire."

"All I know is that we're going to stop his goal," Travis responded. "Whatever that goal might be."


Alundra lie in her bed later that night, desperately trying to fall asleep. The former hunter couldn't get her conversation with Travis out of her head. She couldn't help but wonder if she had made the right choice. Maybe she should have given Travis a chance? Alundra snapped those thoughts out of her head, however, watching as Jack walked into her room.

"It's three in the morning! Why are you coming into my room? You're lucky I'm wearing pajamas!"

Jack laughed, stopping in front of Alundra's bed. "Lucky? I don't know if I'd say that. Anyway, I'll remember to knock next time."

Alundra puffed her face up, looking at Jack in irritation. "Can you get to your reason for coming here?"

Jack leaned in toward Alundra, winking suggestively. "I just came in to see if you're all right. I don't want you to beat yourself up over Gregory's death."

"I'm fine," she assured Jack with a small smile. "Besides if there's someone to blame it's most certainly you. You're the one who bit me after all."

Jack jumped onto Alundra's bed, flashing his fangs at the former hunter. "You're funny when you want to be. You know that?"

Alundra pushed Jack onto his back, peering down at him. "I can be funny, but you most certainly can't be scary. Flashing your fangs at me? Is that supposed to scare me?"

Jack chuckled; his golden eyes looking into Alundra's blue ones. ""Either that or turn you on. Who am I to say?"

"You might have succeeded then," Alundra responded with a slight smirk.

Jack leaned in and his lips met Alundra's. The two vampires fell onto Alundra's bed, their lips still locked. But that wasn't the only part of their bodies that would become locked tonight.

Alundra couldn't deny that she was enjoying this, though she would definitely not admit to Jack how much, but she still felt slightly distressed. She had turned down Travis, a human, to make out with Jack, a vampire.

Was she truly losing her humanity?

And, even worse, did she like that she was losing her humanity?

Those were thoughts Alundra Blazer would have to think about on another day. For now she was too busy with certain other matters.