Thunder crackled in the sky as rain poured down upon the dark streets of London. Alundra and Jack stood outside a rundown house. The house had large gate barring them entry. On the gate was a sign that said No Trespassing.

"Bane should be expecting us," Jack said, rolling his eyes at the sign. "Let's just hop the gate."

Jack vaulted over the gate, landing on the other side. Alundra followed suit, gracefully jumping over the gate. The two walked up to the door, rats scurrying around their feet. Alundra blanched at the rats, while Jack knocked on the door.

"Hurry the hell up, Bane. I'm getting soaked out here!"

The door swung open, surprising Alundra. A medium sized man with red hair stood in the doorway. He was glaring at them, a scowl on his face.

"Shut the fuck up," the man said sharply. "Just get in here, Jack."

The two walked inside the house, as the door slammed behind them. Alundra was in shock at what she saw inside. Weapons adorned the walls of the house. Maces, swords, spears…if you could think of it then it was inside this house.

Alundra glanced toward the man, who she presumed was Bane, getting a better look at him. In contrast to his red hair, his clothes were all a subdued white. A golden cross was around his neck, while a huge gold ring was on both his middle fingers.

"Why the hell are you staring at me, girl?" Bane growled toward Alundra.

"Calm down, Bane. She's the vampire I told you about yesterday."

"So this is the vampire you bit because you're a moron," Bane replied in a scathing voice. "To do what do I owe this pleasure?"

Alundra bit her lip, not replying instantly. This guy was definitely rude, but that wasn't what scared her about Bane. No, what scared her was the killing intent in his eyes. She could tell just by looking at him. This vampire was strong beyond belief.

"Uh, as a former hunter my main weapon was a sword. I'm sure you already know this, but I summoned it through the genetic modification done to me by The Holy Order. Now that I'm a vampire…"

"You've lost that ability," Bane said, cutting Alundra off. "I get why you're here. You want me to make you a replacement sword. What was the special function of your genetic sword?"

Alundra was confused at why Bane was asking this. Could he somehow replicate the function of her sword?

"You look confused," Bane said, tilting his head to the side. "Did Jack not explain to you what I expertise in?"

"I forgot," Jack sheepishly admitted. "Fill her in yourself, Bane."

Bane sighed, crossing his arms together. "It will be easier if she answers the question. What was your special function, girl?"

"My sword was gifted with the power of lightning," Alundra replied, watching Bane begin to look around the room.

"Lightning," Bane repeated, picking up a small yellow stone. "This is a lightning rune. I can use this to infuse the power of lightning into an otherwise normal sword. That should recreate the ability of your former weapon."

Alundra just stared at Bane blankly. She did not understand anything he had just said. A lightning rune? What the hell was that?

"Umm," Alundra started, trying to figure out how to word her question. "What is a lightning rune?"

"Your ignorance astounds me," Bane said, shaking his head. "Higher level vampires sought to level the playing field with hunters. Through the work of a collection of scientists these runes were created. Each one of them is infused with an element: be it fire, water, etc. We can then combine these runes with a weapon to create a weapon similar to the ones many hunters possess. I sell these weapons to a variety of vampires."

"I've never fought a vampire who has used a weapon like that."

"As I said, higher level vampires seek out weapons like these. If you were weak enough to lose to Jack, then you obviously never fought a vampire strong enough to purchase a weapon from me."

A vein throbbed on Alundra's forehead, as she clenched her fists tight. The bluntness of Bane cut through her like a knife. He had not only called her weak, but he had implied that Jack was weak too. Was he really so much stronger than both of them?

"Hah, you don't have to be so blunt," Jack said. "Don't forget, Bane, that I saved your ass a long time ago."

"Of course I remember," Bane replied drolly. "I hope you remember that I already paid you back for that. I bailed your ass out against Jace Blezinski. My debt has been paid back in full."

"Wait," Alundra suddenly spoke up. "You two fought the former eighth ranked hunter, Jace Blezinski?"

"Yeah," Bane answered casually. "I'm the one who sent him back to the VHA in a body bag. I might not look it at first glance, but I'm far stronger than that bozo. Desmond has always been desperate to recruit me to join his covenant."

"I still don't understand why you won't join our covenant, Bane. It would be far easier for me that way, you know!"

"Yeah, because the thing I desire most in this world is to make things easier for you," Bane responded sarcastically. "I work on my own. I always have and I always will. I don't bother getting caught up in things like camaraderie. The closest thing I'll ever have to a friend is you, Jack. Consider that a compliment."

"Look," Jack began in a serious tone. "A war is brewing between our covenant and the VHA. They aren't simply going to let us keep Alundra. Travis Silo is coming back for her with an even better force behind him. I need you to make this sword for Alundra. Can you please do it, Bane?"

Bane ran a hand through his red hair, scowling at Jack. He didn't know why he had such a soft spot in his heart for this clown. But he did.

"Fine, I'll do it. Be back here tomorrow for the sword. Just remember that this is the last favor you're getting out of me."


A cell phone began to ring through the halls of The Holy Order. Allison Crusoe ducked into an abandoned room, clutching the ringing cell phone in her hand. The violet-haired hunter flipped the phone open, and grinned with glee at the text message she saw. Allison shut the phone, licking her lips.

"In a weeks time, Alundra Blazer will be killed by my hands. I'm getting turned on just thinking about it!"

Allison burst into a cackling laughter that echoed through the hall. The hunter seemingly unconcerned about any attention she might draw to herself.

Outside the room that Allison was in stood a blond-haired man. The man smiled as he walked away, flipping a coin in his left hand.

"Travis is going to want to hear this. I might be able to get a pretty penny out of him for such valuable information. Thanks for having such a big mouth, Allison."