What You Lead, Is ME

It's been so long since I've heard the thoughts in my head scream

Sometimes its louder then what it would be when I dream

Yet when I wish the pain to go away, I seem to bleed

I let the one I love leave, and I knew he was what I need

Of course I should be punished

Even though childhood was hard to be cherished

The past cursed whom I am today making me hold back

The love that screamed so loud made this organ crack

Hearts aren't meant to break but each time I saw you it did

Sorry that I constantly ran from you, while the past was where I hid

Truth said I loved you more than anyone but I was afraid

Because of you there's more to cry about, everything is replayed

Neither my dreams or awaken thoughts have let go

But each time I say loved, there's nothing more to know

Each day is a new withering away the petals of my imagined bouquet

And as I sit alone my body will be crushed by this endless hallway

If my blood were to ever reach the outside world, I hope you'll paint my roses

Hail my last wish and don't forget to throw away the paintbrushes

Stop before it's to late, don't be apart of this crime ever again

Accept the world today even if the existence filled with pain

But as I start to lead my life in the sky I better say goodbye

My angel life starts and these feelings are forgotten the moment I decided to die

These hands are to touch the clouds but what's truly to forget

Why does it matter, I died full of regret

This what you lead.

Remember me.