A new assignment,
A new project,
A new story,
But exceptional ideas are known for their brilliant hiding skills.

You're looking, searching in the darkest abyss of your mind,
Opening doors and doors, chests and chests.
But what you find are empty boxes
- Unique topic ideas that were already taken.
Does it mean your poem won't be exceedingly splendid if you talk about cats and rats...
Like "Tom and Jerry"?

So many people on earth,
So many ideas,
So many things to tell.
They have to be repeated.

I believe Shakespeare was not the only person
Who thought of two people loving each other
Without being allowed to.

I believe it wasn't only one caveman starting to let his fantasies run on the achromatic walls,
There must have been some other who did the same,
Who had the same idea.
How else could the paintings have spread to every famous hidden cave of our earth?

Right now ideas are crossing your mind,
Hijacking your brain like pirates seeking gold.
They are not limited,
No no no.
That doesn't mean that you always have to take new ones,
So push the unnecessary things away
And write about something important to you: A different point of view,
An entirely new world to be seen,
To be felt,
To be understood.

My intention is to show you something new,
Something about ideas in the world of copyright.
And I know, I certainly know,
That I'm not the only one who will be telling you about this.
And it's very possible
That somebody was once standing here
In this place,
Performing a slam poem about ideas,
But ours are not the same.

Now I am here, telling you
That it doesn't matter if you write about something your friend has already written about,
Because everybody is an individual being,
Has his own voice and choice.
Take your pen and paper
And enter with me the land of free speech.

LA Assignment, I think I got something about 90%. [I was an 8th Grader]

(c) Fongki 2012