Zombie Dance

My limbs tingled, the last of my heavily faded sense only filled with tingling of flesh. No more enjoying the fabrics, smelling the heavenly foods, no more enjoyment for my now rotting life.

I was the living dead, once human but now flesh, rotting flesh set to infect the world.

My flesh, falling in ragged strips from my body, decomposing even though it was still attached to my body; it was left on display for the world, or anyone who dared look. The dead greens, morbid blues and infected reds splotched my fleshy exterior. In interior rotting with maggots and other insects, slowly eating away at me and what wasn't currant being eaten was hanging from my ribs or being dragged along the ground.

Everything around me was blurred, my eyesight short and highly unreliable but it got me through. The world was splashed in red…. Or maybe it was just the blood dripping from my open wounds, I didn't know and I didn't care enough to find out.

Loud screams of pain were constantly erupting around me, my fellow soldiers of the dead falling around me, I merely wondered on searching for something, familiar flesh or my next feed, anything would do.

My arms wrapped around something warm, a pulse clear beneath my boned hands. Without even a spare though my teeth dug into the flesh where they skull should be. Blood splashed down my throat and bones cracked between my teeth, the feel of human flesh on my lips was enough to drive me on, ripping away the shatters skull and taking my prize.

A single bite, that is all and I was a goner. I could feel the bullet smash through my skull, the already dead person falling from my arms, the blood dripping from my mouth as I followed him to the ground. I sharp kick to the side of my face shoved me away from my cold meal, a grunt passing through my weak jaw.

A sob was just centimetres away, as my last attempt I grabbed the ankle of the human trying to steal away my food, but I might as well signed my death wish.

All that I heard was silence and then BANG!

"You monster… How could you? How could you take him away from me?..."

Finally the last day of school for the term :D We were watching a movie for the last period and I really didn't want to watch it so I took out my laptop to listen to music and do a bit of spriting but that didn't work! Zombie Dance but Escape The Fate came on and ideas started swirling through my head and well yeah this little one was born :D Kind of gory I know but I like it, I think it's an interesting view on zombies so review and tell me what you guys think.

And I know this should probably be posted on Fanfiction but I felt more comfortable posting it here but if you think I should move it please tell me.

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