My bare feet hit the cold marble floor as I slid from my warm bed covered in hundred dollar sheets, I know what you're thinking but my step dad is a big wall street guy. Endless money. It was weird living like this considering where I grew up I walked into the bathroom and showered quickly. I walked down stairs for breakfast with my mother and step father.

The condo we were living in was just too big for us. It was just my mom, John, and me. And with me leaving for the summer, it would really be empty. I looked at my mother, all dressed up and ready to go to some meeting or another and John with his tie thrown over his shoulder buttering his toast.

I was going home for the summer. I should be excited. I was going to Columbia in the fall. I should be having the summer of my life. Instead I was going to Mobile, Alabama, the place where I grew up. It's funny because there is so much that I don't remember about that place. I feel like the upper east side is the only home I've ever known.

My parents split up when I was seven. My great great grandfather was an oil tycoon and ended up settling down in Alabama and that's where the entire family has stayed since there. My mom married John the second the ink on the divorce papers was dry. My father had been diagnosed my MS and that meant that my dad would have to sell off the company piece by piece until he was completely incapable to taking care of it.

My dad has been a vegetable for five years. I'm eighteen. It's hard to remember who my dad was before he was just a body sitting in a bed with machines doing the breathing for him. My mom knows that this will probably be the last summer he'll be alive and the last chance I have to get know that side of the family.

The only thing is, I don't want to get to know them. They are all southern rednecks, they've never wanted anything to do with my mom and by extension me. It's hard to blame my mom for leaving. She did what she thought was best for me. But sometimes I think it's just she wasn't willing to give up her lifestyle of fine china and in house staff to apartments and ramen.

I hadn't been back there since I was fourteen. My dad was getting remarried. It wasn't a real marriage, although that's what everyone wanted it to look like. My dad had decided that in order to keep his affairs in order, no pun intended, he would marry his personal assistant who would be able to control everything. I was the maid of honor. Mary didn't have any family around but did have a son around my age from a previous marriage.

My flight was going to take off at noon. It was already nine thirty. I went upstairs and double checked my bags and had them carried out to the town car waiting for me. My mom gave me a quick hug and parted with a "call me when you land sweet heart, send my best to Robert and Mary" as she ducked her head into the car waiting for her.

I hopped into the car and pulled out my blackberry. I hadn't bothered telling any of my friends I was going away all summer. They had their own plans. One was backpacking around Europe, one was interning in the white house, one was working at a summer camp. Anyways we were all going to different colleges. This fall everything was going to change.

My flight was delayed. For three hours. Three fucking hours. Then after 3 white chocolate mocha's 2 trashy magazines and one failed attempt at calling my mom, I finally boarded the plane. First class is awkward and everyone has to look at you when they walk in so I opted for economy. The flight was three hours. I watched a lifetime movie and prayed that the next three months would go by quickly.

When we landed I looked around at the old airport and shook my head, well I certainly wasn't in Manhattan anymore. The town car was already there waiting for me with my baggage already in the trunk. We drove in silence as I stared out at the dry, yellow corn fields. This is the scenery I was going to have to look at for the next three months. Kill me.

The driver glanced into the mirror "How was your flight ma'am?" I sighed long and heavy "it was delayed for three hours, there was nothing on T.V. Not a single friend has replied to any of my texts, my own mother hasn't called me back and these shoes are giving me a blister." I said harshly. I immediately felt bad at how much of a bitch I had sounded like, this was the south after all not New York. "I'm sorry" I said quickly "It's just been one hell of a day and I'm not too excited about spending my summer here. I have friends, my own life back home."

"I understand Miss Hart" the man spoke after a pause "I have a feeling that this summer is going to be a lot more interesting now that you're going to be in town. Now has Mary explained to you the situation?" oh great. A situation. Let the fist pumping begin. "ummm no." I say simply. "Well I actually have to get back to the airport for a few more clients so I'm going to drop you off with Jack up here at this restaurant and he'll take you the rest of the way."

"Jack?" I asked "Jack, you know, your brother, Mary's son?" I rolled my eyes "oh right, he's not my brother, he would be my brother if the marriage between his mother and my father were real but it's not so he's a stranger who lives with my dad." "Sorry miss, I didn't mean to upset you, just following orders." "of course sir, I'm sorry I've snapped at you so much, this is just a rough transition." The car slowed to a stop all too quickly and The man jumped out and opened my door.

I had underestimated the heat of the deep south. My leggings, a long shirt, and nice boots. It had been the perfect New York look but it looked highly dysfunctional here on the outskirts of Mobile. The driver grabbed my bags and set them up on the side walk, we had stopped a few towns over from mobile. It was a suburban area. Not a city but a cute little town. This looked like a city to the barren acreage I was going to be spending my summer on though. It was a cute little restaurant, obviously a little pricey I could tell by the way the windows were darkened and it was the only place that didn't have little kids running around in. I walked into the restaurant, and pulling out my phone.

Turns out I didn't need it, I turned around and ran straight into Jack.

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