Hello there dear readers! The ones that know me from 'Unintended' and the new ones!

So this is my second story, and a little warning for my 'Unintended' readers – this story is very different from unintended! While unintended is cute-fluffy-angst kind of story, I got out of my comfort zone because of this new idea, and this one is more dark you can say, or maybe 'dirty' lol, so even if you loved 'Unintended' I'm not sure this is your cup of tea.

And now, a warning for everyone – this story is labeled mainly as SLASH (mxm), so you out there who don't like that kind of thing (god knows why) don't even bother. Also another thing – this story involves threesome between 2 men and a woman, it's an essential part of the story (and after reading the first chapter you will figure out why), but still I understand if some readers feel uncomfortable about it, so I warn you. But also I want to make it clear that the story is about the two men and in the future will focus on them only.

So if you're still here after all those warnings – I hope you'll enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Baby, it's not that I don't like having sex with you, I love it, but don't you want to make it even hotter somehow?"

That's what my girlfriend Ashley asked me while we both lay naked in bed, smoking after a steamy round of sex.

I looked at her briefly and considered her question. "What? Like a new dildo?"

She snorted and smacked me on the chest. "No! Something else…"

"What?" I asked dumbly while rubbing my sore chest. Damn woman had strong hands.

She sighed in frustration. "I don't know!"

"Then what do you want from me?" I asked and got out of bed. "When you have a suggestion, then you ask me." I told her while I looked around the room, looking for my boxers.

Damn messy room, I really ought to clean it sometime. Or even better, make Ash do it for me.

"Austin!" She whined behind me, and I heard the sheets moving as she sat up.

God, isn't after-sex supposed to be nice and calm, what's up with all these babyness.

"What?" I turned to her in frustration, and spotted my boxers on the counter near her side of the bed. HAHA! There it is. God knows how it got there.

I quickly grabbed it, and gave her a look. Her hazel eyes were glaring holes in my face, so I tried to pacify her. "Babe, remember that biker we saw in that bar the other day? The one you later had – according to you – fantastic-twisted-yet-hot sex with? It was only a week ago! You sex crazed woman!"

She smoothed her red curls from her face and pouted at me. "But Austin, of course it was amazing, but it's not the same without you, with you it's always the best, you know that."

"So you like, want me to dress in leather and yell crude words at you while we're doing it?"

"No!" She said again, sighed, and fell back on the bed. "I don't know!" she yelled with her hands in the air.

Dramatic bitch.

"So as I said before, tell me when you do know, or even better – show me!" I told her before turning around to the shower. What's up with all that drama? I'm too tired for this!

But I suppose I should be used to it, after all I was fucking the queen of dramas, which is pretty understandable since she was studying acting. God knows why I bother; well actually I guess I know it too.

I met Ashley at the beginning of my first year in college, I'm an art student, and was looking for a good model for some body's sketch. The guys told me to look at the acting department since it supposed to be full of hot young people.

So I went there and saw her. Well more like, saw her before I got 'there'. She was standing on the grass outside of their building with a bunch of her friends; they brought some music with them and were dancing around like some crazy people. Some people around them were giving them weird looks, but to me they didn't look weird, they looked cool and confident and I smiled a little while watching them. I stood there for a while staring when I finally noticed Ashley, her long red curls were flying around her face, and her flower printed dress was hugging her perfect body while she jumped and danced around.

My gaze stuck on her without me even noticing it at first, she danced some more until she finally noticed the dumb dude staring at her and she stared back, looked at me up and down, and apparently she liked what she saw, since in the next moment her painted red lips parted in a wide smile.

Just like that, I was smitten. Minutes later I walked straight to her, and with a confident tone told her I wanted to paint her. She looked at me for a moment and smiled again before asking if that's the only thing I wanted to do to her. I probably blushed a little at that.

Anyway, so that sealed the deal, or something like that. And in the next week we were inseparable. We matched pretty well since both of us pretty free in our opinions, we decided on an open relationship of sort, after all we were both young – eighteen then, nineteen now – so we didn't mind if the other saw something he liked every now and then, and went for it. That is, as long as we knew that we were it, and would always come back to each other.

I was cool with that, I guess every normal dude would want to keep his hot girlfriend to himself, but for some reason I didn't mind if it made her happy. And I also got to do something nice on the side every now and then without any trouble. Yeah, a young man dream you might say. And it worked, a year and a half now.

"Austin! How long are you gonna be stuck there? I want to pee!" Ashley's angry words pulled me back from memory lane and I glared at the bathroom's door while washing the soap off my hair.

"Then come in and pee you crying baby!" I yelled back at her, although I knew she wouldn't do it. Ash had some kind of a problem with peeing while I'm in the room, which I thought was rather weird, since I've already seen every part of her – in all kinds of positions – so I wouldn't be bothered from anything. Hell, I peed next to her all the time.

"Oh fuck you! Be quick!" She yelled back and walked away.

Ha. Knew it.

The next day I walked glumly to my art history class. My most hated class! Mostly because of Mr. Cohen, the professor, AKA the most boring man on earth. I swear it, if someone else was teaching it, it would be kind of okay, but the moment Mr. Cohen started speaking I felt my eyes closing and I was lured unstoppably to sleep. Only to be awaken every now and then by my friend Andy.

I got inside the class and slumped in the chair next to Andy, and laid my head on my hands on the desk. Thank god he had the brains to sit in the last row.

"Going to sleep already?" Andy smirked at me while fixing his laptop. Luckily someone here was taking notes.

"Well, I'm going to sleep anyhow, better to go at it already."

"Oh, that's smart. You thought about it all by yourself?" He teased me and ruffled my black hair like he would do to his dog.

I slapped his hands and brushed my bangs from my eyes. "Shut up, I'm smart enough. Not everyone can be a genius you know." I told him bitterly.

Andy was smart, and worst of all - he knew it. But what can I do if my hands were made for paintbrushes and pencils, and not for pens and books.

I groaned when I saw Mr. Cohen walking into the class. Here we go.

"Hey, wanna come over later? I got some new pot." Andy whispered to me.

I considered that for a moment. "Sure, but I will have to be quick about it. Got to work tonight and wanna stop at my place before."

Andy smirked again. "Ohhh such a hardworking boy!" He teased me and was about to ruffle my hair again.

I slapped his hand before he managed to.

By the time I got home I was beat. Before I went to Andy's I had to stop by at the studio to work on my new painting, which my teacher – Ms. scarlet - said was 'coming out wonderfully!'. But she's fucking crazy so I didn't take that all that seriously. Although I was pretty happy about how it was coming out too.

I heard music coming out from my door and figured Ash was here. Which was pretty normal, she said she hated her apartment, I told her of course to move if she disliked it that much. She said 'what for?' after all she had my apartment. Pretty logical I guess.

"Hey Ash." I said as I got in and hanged my jacked next to the door.

"Hey Ausie!" She answered, and as I walked to my living room I saw she wasn't alone. My place was pretty small, which is normal for a student I guess. The living room was actually a large space that contained my kitchen as well, on the left side there was a door that contacted to my bedroom.

"I got someone over, meet Jin. He's a dancer!" Ashley said and giggled, which made me realize she smoked something. Well, that, and the sweet smell in the room, which still remained even though the windows were all open.

Then, for the first time I laid my eyes on Jin. He was sitting on the couch near Ashley and looked at me with a smile. I looked him over for a moment, he had a bit of a long blonde hair that fell on his forehead in a straight line and was in a small ponytail in the back. His big blue eyes were looking up at me and his mouth was stretched in a wide smile which showed his perfect white teeth and his two dimples.

Good job Ashley. I thought to myself after I finished my check-out.

I decided to tease him a little. "So you're a dancer?"

He laughed. "Hope to be. I'm currently still in school." He told me and got up to face me. I noticed he was a bit shorter than me, not that much, but he still had to raise his eyes a little to look at me. "As she said, I'm Jin. You must be Austin. Or Ausie." He teased me back.

I smirked at him. "Call me that and you're a dead man." I raised my hand to shake his and noticed he had a nice grip.

"Got it. Austin." He simply said. And I smiled back.

I looked at the clock and realized I didn't have much time.

"Anyway, I've got to go to work in a bit, so I'm going to take a shower. Feel at home." I told him and was about to go, but then Ashley got up and wrapped her hands around my waist. "But Ausie! I wanna hang out with you!" She pouted at me. And cute as it was I didn't have time for that. "Sorry babe, but I told you I was working today. And you got Jin here to keep you company." I told her gently and gave her a peck on the mouth. "I'll see you later."

I freed myself from her and walked to the shower.

While in the shower I thought about that Jin guy. She must be fucking him, there's no way around it, he's just her type. And he is cute; I have to admit it too. I sighed and betted with myself when will she get tired of him, a day, a week, a month? No, not a month, it never lasted that long. I would say a week, yeah that's it.

After I finished I wrapped a towel around my hips and walked out to my bedroom, and stopped abruptly when I saw Jin sitting on my bed.

The fuck?

He must have seen my confused face and said quickly. "I just needed to use the bathroom and Ashley said to wait till you finish so…" He got up from the bed.

Well, you could have waited in the living room I thought to myself but only said. "That's alright, you can go in now."

He nodded and walked quickly to the bathroom.

Weird guy, I thought after he closed the door behind him. I continued drying myself, and pulled on my black jeans just as he got out of the bathroom.

"Thanks." He said with a smile.

"It's cool." I said back and waited for him to get out before I continued dressing.

For a moment he continued to look at me, and unreadable look flashed his eyes before his smile widened and he said. "I will let you finish." Then he got out of the room.

I stared after him for another moment, before shaking my head.

Weird guy.

Jin kept on appearing in my place for the next two days, and I didn't mind all that much; after our first meeting I decided he was an odd dude, but when I got to hang out with him more I figured he wasn't so bad, kind of funny actually.

For example – one evening while I was cooking us dinner, he sat on the counter next to me telling me funny stories from his dancing lessons. Like the time when one of the girls – Gloria – was practicing, the back of her tights ripped and she didn't notice it, and all of the guys stared at her ass until she finished her piece. Ouch, I know, but amusing as well. And Jin had a way of telling it like it was the funniest thing ever, with faces and expressions to fit.

And I figured that any guy who doesn't mind spending a few minutes to amuse me while I'm cooking is okay. So yeah, in the end I decided he was kind of cool.

Ashley was kind of weird though, I don't know how to explain it really, she was still her bitchy-yet-charming self, but she always looked at me with calculating look, like she was thinking about something – and I was part of it.

Damn, it gave me the chills.

But I tried to ignore it, she had her weird-moments every now and then. It will pass.


Anyway, it was Thursday night and I had another night shift at the restaurant. I was working at a restaurant near the collage, it was not always nice work with all the students there who sometimes became drunken assholes - especially at night, but I got good tips, which was the most important thing. And the boss was okay which was good when facing bitching clients.

"Hey hotness! Hard night?" I heard my co-worker Lindsey asking me as I stopped at the counter waiting for my order. I looked at her and noticed she – again – changed her hair color, today it was purple.

"Nice hair!" I told her as she stopped next to me.

"Well, I wanted a change."

Nothing new there. Since I've known her, she had gone through like, about 10 different colors.

"Cool. Really brings out your eyes." I teased her, since I knew she disliked her ordinary brown eyes which – according to her - didn't fit her 'bright' personality.

"Fuck you. When are you off?" She asked.

"Closing time. You?"

"As well. Wanna come over?" She gave me an obvious look.

Yeah, that was Lindsey for you, blunt till the end. When I first met her she decided she wanted to fuck me, she actually announced that at the end of our first shift together. At first I thought she was joking, until the next day when she caught me at the storage room and described to me exactly what she wanted me to do to her, and her to me. I blushed bright red, and after a few more shocked looks from me, I ended up sleeping over at her one room apartment the day after.

We hooked up sometimes since then, but we were mainly friends.

"Sorry Linds, I'm beat. I think I'll just go to sleep afterwards."

"Ha. b-o-r-i-n-g." she told me with a smile and showed me her pierced tongue. "Your loss." She said and went back to work.

Oh believe me, I know it. I thought to myself as I recalled some of our activities. Damn.

I shook my head, grabbed my order and went back to work.

I got home feeling totally exhausted, my head was pounding and I fantasized of my beloved bed. I entered my apartment quietly since I figured Ash was there sleeping, and tried to walk quietly to my bedroom, when I noticed a long body on my couch.

Who the…? I started wondering, till the moonlight revealed his features.


He was sleeping on the couch, his hair in his eyes and his mouth open slightly letting out soft breathes.

I sighed and wondered why he's still here. But didn't stuck on it too much, was too fucking tired for this, and decided to just let him sleep on.

I entered my bedroom quietly and saw Ashley sleeping on the bed. I entered the bathroom and removed my shirt and jeans before looking at the mirror. I look bad I thought as I saw my tired green eyes and tousled hair, I probably needed a shower but I decided that sleep was more urgent, so I simply washed my face in the sink, brushed my teeth and after I got out of the bathroom I fell on the bed, pulled some of the blanket from Ashley's death grip, and fell asleep.

Sometime throughout the night, I was woken by a soft touch on my lips, moving slowly and teasingly, in the beginning I tried to ignore it since I wasn't totally awake, but the touch was persistent, and when I felt the wetness on my lips I realized I'm being kissed. When I didn't manage to ignore it anymore I slowly open my eyes and saw big dark eyes looking at me in the dark, after I blinked twice more I realized it was Ash.

But of course, who else could it be?

I murmured weakly and opened my mouth slightly, Ash took advantage and entered her talented tongue into my mouth, moving it slowly over my tongue, teeth, before pushing it in and out, mimicking fucking movements. Quickly I felt it go all the way down to my cock and grabbed her waist and pulled her above me.

"Oh, my baby is awake finally." She teased a little when she felt my dick poking her ass.

"Oh, I am awake alright." I told her with a leer.

"Good." She whispered before she began rocking her ass slowly making me grunt in return because of the amazing friction. She kissed my mouth some more before she began kissing my face, licking down my neck, and kissing down my chest, stopping for a moment in my navel.

"God." I moaned once I realized where she's going with it, and gently caressed her hair. She looked up at me while removing my boxers and gave me a smirk.

Jesus, the best way to wake up ever.

I decided to let her lead and just lay there and enjoy the ride. When she finally removed my boxers all the way she came back up and grabbed my hard cock with her hand. I moaned a little before she finally put her mouth on it, and in one go took it all the way down her throat.

At that I moaned loudly. Fuck me if there was anything Ashley knew how to do better than giving head.

She started to move up and down on my cock, using her tongue to do that awesome move only she knew, I closed my eyes briefly at that glorious sensation, when suddenly I heard a sound.

I opened my eyes quickly and looked around to see a figure standing behind Ashley. I had to blink a few times to clear my vision, and with the help of the morning light that started to come in from the window I saw it was Jin.

"What?" I said weakly while I looked at him in shock. I was about to push Ashley off me and get up when I suddenly felt Ash's hand on my chest keeping me laying on the bed. I lowered my shocked eyes to hers; she was looking back at me with an intense look, her mouth still on my cock.

God, she planned this?

And what is 'this' exactly?

While I kept on staring at Ashley's face with a confused look, I felt the bed shift under me. I looked up quickly to see that Jin was on the bed on his knees looking down at Ash's body. For the first time I noticed he was naked, and his cock had a condom around it.

Oh my god, don't tell me he's planning to…

But apparently, he was. I looked at him as he suddenly grabbed Ashley's hips and without any warning lined his cock and entered her. I widened my eyes a bit because of his rough treatment and uttered a small 'shit' before I tried again to lift myself, but I only managed to move up on my elbows when Ashley's hand pressed harder on my chest. My gaze dropped to her again

"Ahh." she grunted around my cock and closed her eyes briefly. My erection soften a little because of the whole situation obviously, but Ash's talented mouth was determinate to keep it alive, and after she adjusted she opened her eyes and looked wildly at me, and that's when I realized – she was really getting off on this. She wants this.

The bed started moving when Jin began thrusting his hips with earnest, rough and hard movements that were rocking the bed. I looked up at him for a moment and caught and intense blue eyes staring at me. There was a trail of sweat pouring down his temple to his chin and falling on Ash's back. I found myself memorized to that trail for a moment, until I lifted my eyes to his and saw his intense eyes looking back at me.

I dropped my eyes instantly because it became little too weird for me, and instead focused on his cock that was thrusting in and out of Ashley, making wet sounds, which for some reason, made me feeling hotter.

Apparently Ashley was feeling it too because she started moving with Jin, meeting his thrusts and moaning louder. She also sucked harder on my dick that made full recovery, and I started to moan as well.

We kept that pace for awhile, the sounds of our moans filling the room along with the sounds of Jin's wet thrusts and Ash's sucking, I felt the sweat pouring down my face and sticking my bangs to my face. Until I heard a silent 'fuck yeah' from Jin and the bed started to rock harder with his frantic thrusts, which made me realize he was close.

Ashley continued to suck at earnest and I felt myself getting close as well, climbing higher and higher, when suddenly Jin's hand came down on Ashley's head pushing her face harder on my dick, making her taking me deeper. And for some reason that was it, his hand pushing her head harder on my cock, her deep throating me, and I was there. I Threw my head back closed my eyes and moaned a long 'fuckkkk' while I emptied myself in Ash's mouth.

After I came from my high I dropped back on my back and saw that Jin just finished as well, his eyes were shut tight, his mouth looking like a white line, his hands gripping Ashley's hips roughly, and his body shaking while he stayed buried inside her, filling his condom. My cock twitched a little at that, and I shuddered.

Ashley moaned and shook as well, so I figured she came too, and came hard if to judge by her uncontrollably shaking body.

After finishing Jin pulled out and Ash slumped back on the bed beside me, her hand on my chest, and her head on my shoulder. I saw Jin also falling down on the other side of her, breathing harshly.

We all just lay there for a while, catching out breath, until finally Ash looked at me with a smile and said. "So what do you think? You told me that when I know - then I should show you, and I did!"

I didn't really know what to say to that, and generally was speechless at that moment, so I simply stared at her.

"I need to clean up a bit. Be right back." She said and climbed above me to go to the bathroom. The moment she started moving I moved my eyes and kept them glued to the ceiling. You see, I really couldn't face Jin at that moment, I felt so fucking embarrassed and had to compose myself before that.

So in the next few minute we both lay there in silence, Jin probably realized that I didn't want to talk so he kept quiet as well. Then Ashley came running to the bed and gave Jin a small peck on the cheek before cuddling to me. What….is he going to sleep here?

"Oh shit! The light in the bathroom." Ash suddenly said and whined before getting up to close it.

And in that moment for some reason – even though I decided not to - I moved my gaze to Jin to see him looking back at me, and for a moment our eyes were staring, before Jin closed his eyes and blocked it, and Ashley came back to bed and lay between us.

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