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It was totally crazy, I know.

And it would change everything, I know.

But as I pushed my body into Jin's and we kissed like we couldn't get enough, I just couldn't find the strength to care.

My body was so hot, and I felt like I was melting. Totally cliché, I know, but in that moment I realized that some clichés may be true.

"Austin!" Jin moaned when I tore my mouth away from his and started kissing down his neck. In response he moved forward on the counter and bucked his body into mine, causing our cocks to slide against each other through our pants. I sucked hard on his neck when I felt the jolts from my cock spreading through my entire body. Fuck, I swear it reached my toes.

After that Jin started grinding his cock against mine over and over again, making small gasps with each stroke. I found myself helping him uncontrollably, my body moving with him, trying to get closer somehow, I couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't close enough, I wanted more, I wanted skin.

I knew that it was all going way fast, and maybe if I stopped for a moment and cleared my head I would have been able to pull away. But I didn't, I couldn't.

"W-wait…Austin…" Jin gasped into my shoulder while he held me tight as we both moved against each other repeatedly.

Stop? Why? I was feeling so good, I never wanted to stop…

"Austin…not h-here….wait…" I felt Jin's hands pushing at my shoulders and I reluctantly moved back a little, but my hips kept making small circling motions, which made Jin grab my arms tightly when I looked at him with a glazed look.

He managed to calm himself for a second and looked at me with intense eyes. "Bed. Let's go to bed….don't want…here…" He moaned a little and put his forehead against mine.

Bed? Wait, wouldn't that mean that…

Jin stopped me from over thinking when he grabbed my face and slammed his mouth onto mine; giving me a deep, hot kiss. He sure did know what to do with his mouth, his tongue plunged deep inside my mouth, going in and out for a moment, mimicking fucking movements, I bet he knew exactly what it would make me imagine doing to him.

I grunted into his mouth when he started sucking on my tongue.


He moved away probably when he figured he had me totally in his mercy. And I was so indeed.

I stared into his eyes when he whispered a small 'please' against my mouth, so close I felt his breath caressing my lips.

And by that time he didn't have to ask me twice.

With a surge of – what must have been - complete adrenaline, I grabbed his ass with my palms and made him lean on me while I lifted him from the counter.

I heard him gasp in surprise, and after he wrapped his legs and arms securely around my body he made a small grunt of satisfaction at my movements, and started putting wet kisses all over my face.

With quick steps, and strength I didn't even know I had, I walked with Jin in my arms towards the bedroom, kicked the door open, and threw us both on the bed, with me lying on top of him.

He chuckled a little when he was literally thrown on the bed, but then his mouth was occupied as I kissed him again with a hungry mouth. His legs were still wrapped around me and I moved restlessly on his body while I tried to think about what I should do next.

If he was a girl then I would have no problem at all, but I realized I was totally out of my comfort zone. I had no fucking idea what to do, and I needed – badly – to do something.

I tore my mouth from Jin and raised my head to look at him with desperate eyes. He gasped a little as he looked up at me with half-lidded eyes.

So fucking hot.

"I…you…what do I….I don't know…" I tried to explain to him, but couldn't quite find the words. Thank god Jin was quick on the uptake. A realization flashed into his eyes and he gave me a hot look.

"First, clothes off." He said shortly with an intense look, and I was quick to follow his order.

He took advantage of the fact that I was busy pulling off my shirt, and with one strong movement turned us over until I was laying flat on my back and he was sitting astride on top of me.

I looked at him with surprise as he pulled off his own shirt.

"Don't worry baby, I'll take care of you." He said with a low voice and I felt myself shiver all over from how devastating sexy he sounded.

He moved forward until he was almost lying completely on top of me, and gave me a short kiss on the mouth before he started to kiss down my chest, each kiss lower than the one before it. In the same time I felt his fingers pulling my sweats down until I had to raise my hips a little to help him move it away.

"So hot…" I heard him whisper – probably more to himself – as he kissed my stomach and licked my bellybutton; I couldn't help but shiver and moan at the feeling.

He rose up momentarily while he pushed my sweats off till I was totally naked, and with hot eyes and a seductive smirk, he pulled his own pants and boxers down in one movement.

I gasped a little at seeing his dick totally erect and leaking. I wasn't completely surprised of course since I saw it before, in a similar situation too. But it was the first time I looked at it and felt like I wanted it.

Jin quickly climbed on top of my again, and while looking at me in the eyes with those erotic eyes of his, he lowered himself until his cock was resting on top on my own, and we both shuddered uncontrollably.

"Fuck." I gasped when he started to move his hips slowly, making out lengths slide against each other again and again. I grabbed his hips tightly as I struggled not to close my eyes, I didn't want to miss anything.

He continued rocking slowly against me for a moment, before he slide up a little, till my cock was resting between his ass cheeks. My eyes widened at the feeling of his soft ass clenching on my dick.

"Ahh." I grunted when Jin moved his ass up and down, slowly driving me mad with that incredible friction. "Jin…wait….don't want to come…" I whispered brokenly when I felt the pressure in my balls.

Immediately he stopped, and leaned forward until he was completely on top of me. I was still panting a little, trying to calm myself, when I felt Jin breathing hotly in my ear.

"You can't come. Not until I said you can." He whispered and licked my earlobe. I shuddered and felt my cock leaking some more. Apparently I have an orders kink, or something. Who would have thought.

"You like my ass huh?" Jin continued whispering in my ear before licking it again.

I shuddered before I nodded a little.

"Want to fuck it, right?" He whispered again, and my hips moved up instinctively, like they imagined doing it already.

Jin chuckled lowly in my ear before he moved up until his face was staring into mine. "Do you want to?" He asked again, but this time he had some serious look in his eyes and I realized he was offering me a last way out.

By that point there was no question about that.

"Fuck yeah."

In a moment a slow smile appeared on his face. "As you wish." He said before slamming his mouth onto mine. I reacted immediately, one of my hands rose to fist his hair, while the other one moved down to squeeze one of his ass cheeks. He moaned loudly into my mouth and moved away. "Lube." He said huskily and moved to the drawer near my bed to get it out.

In a second he pulled it out and rose up to sit again, with his legs on both sides of me. I gulped when I watched him pour a little from the slick lotion on his two fingers.

"I need a…minute." He gasped while he moved the two lube coated fingers behind his back. I watched his moves with awe, trying to catch it all for future reference.

He groaned a little and started making small movements with his hips, and I groaned in frustration at not being able to see a thing. I grabbed his hips abruptly and Jin seemed startled for a moment, till he caught the look on my red face.

"Wanna see?" He asked with a smirk, I only managed to nod with eagerness.

In one long motion that I'm not sure was totally natural, he planted his feet on the sheets near my arms, and while supporting himself with a hand behind his back, he somehow managed to raise his hips till I saw his wet fingers going in and out of his ass.

"Oh my Jesus."

Jin chuckled a little at my reaction, and I thanked god for dancer's flexibility.

I watched his fingers with fascination while trying to imagine what it would be like to be in there. In his ass. With my dick. Oh god, I was going to come way too fast.

"Like what you see? It feels really good, but would be even better to have something bigger, and thicker, and harder, something that can plunge deep inside, fast and hard..."

I shuddered.

Jin laughed before he slowly moved his hips till he was once again sitting on top of me. "I did learn a few things from our threesomes you know; you are totally HOT for dirty talk." He said with a smirk.

Well, he got me there.

Jin moved his fingers for the last time and pulled them out. "You ready?"

Shouldn't I be the one who asked this?

"I don't want to…hurt…" I tried to explain to him my lack of experience. Again he was – thankfully - quick on the uptake.

"Oh you won't, trust me." He looked at me with those hypnotic eyes of his and I stared back with excitement, my dick already so hard and leaking that I was a bit scared I would come with the first contact with Jin's ass.

Oh no, self control Austin.

I heard the sound of something tearingand looked up to see Jin tearing up a condom with his teeth, then he reached down and quickly pushed it on my cock.

I hissed at the small contact.

Then shuddered again when I felt the cool lube on my dick. Jin was quickly – but thoroughly - slicking me up. God that felt good.

"Don't push up till I say you can." Jin said with a tight voice, and I watched with wide eyes as he straddled me again and without hesitation grabbed my dick and pointed it to his opening.

His very tight opening.

Dear god.

He made a small gasp of - what suspiciously sounded like - pain and even though the intense pressure felt heavenly I looked at Jin with concern. "You don't have to-"

"It's always…like that…at…the beginning…don't w-worry…" He managed to say thorough clenched teeth, and for a moment I wondered how many times he did it before.

But I was quickly distracted by the amazing pressure of Jin's tight ass and was left totally speechless. I only managed to lie on my back while holding Jin's hips tightly and watching his - quickly becoming red – face. There are probably many things that turn me on in this world, but I got to say that Jin's face during sex is quickly climbing to the top 5.

"God." I gasped when I felt my entire length slowly being swallowed by the most amazing pressure ever. And slowly it was, I guessed that Jin did it so slow so he wouldn't hurt himself, so I did one of the hardest things I ever had to do – restrain myself.

I focused on Jin's face and forced my excited body to stay completely still.

Jin let out a long grunt when he finally had me all inside of him; when he remained still for a second I was only able to moan while I felt like my entire being was momentarily centered in my dick.

"Don't…move till I…say…" He moaned and planted his palms on my chest. I took a deep breath when I felt him starting to move, up and down, and then in a small circling movements. By that time I believe I was starting to leave bruises on his hips.

He moved for a minute while I forced myself to calm down, and felt the sweat pouring on my temples. Until I suddenly heard him make a small yell and his body shuddered uncontrollably.

I focused my glazing eyes on his face, eager to move yet afraid he had hurt himself somehow. My lack of experience was starting to drive me crazy by that point.

"Move." Jin suddenly ordered, but I was still a little concerned.

"I said move." He told me again with an intense look.

Oh fuck, if you insist.

In a second I pushed up into him, hard.

He made a small yelp before he started to slam down into me, encouraging me to keep it up.

And with that I lost all of my earlier hesitation and slammed up into him, again and again, feeling my balls slapping against his ass every time. I grunted uncontrollably with every thrust and Jin moaned right back while pushing down against me, taking it harder and deeper.

And god, it was good. The only reason I wasn't already coming hard into the condom was the fact that it felt so fucking good. I wanted it to last.

I looked up at Jin and took in his sweaty appearance, his hair sticking to his sweaty face, his mouth open letting out small moan, his eyes glazed over and looking down at me with such intensity.


God, I wanted to touch him.

With a sudden move I sat up abruptly, and with two eager palms grabbed his ass while pushing my cock hard into him. Jin gasped in surprise, but soon his arms wrapped around my shoulders and he too held me tight.

I grabbed his face with one of my hands and forced him to look at me, and after taking my fill of his incredible face I smashed his mouth in a hungry kiss, which he received with great enthusiasm.

All the while my body kept pushing into his, and in some point I felt his legs wrap themselves around my back and he pulled his mouth away to tell me with a drugged voice. "Right there…keep hitting…there…"

The totally hot expression he had on while he told me that made me realize that I was probably doing something right. So with my teeth completely clenched I kept thrusting hard in the angle he wanted, and felt my balls tightening at the combination of Jin's tight ass and Jin's drugged face and glazed eyes.

"Austin…" He moaned and shivered and I hugged his body to me, keeping us closer as possible. "Going to…come…" He gasped.

And after a moment he did. Shooting his come between our bodies, coating both out chests. And all the time he made those so fucking sexy moans and I watched with hot eyes as his eyes rolled up and his all face tensed.

A few thrusts later and I was there as well.

I clutched Jin's body tight while I felt myself shooting hard into my condom. I let out a small scream when my entire body lost itself in that amazing orgasm, and I absentmindedly felt Jin's hand petting my hair while I emptied myself inside him. It went on, and on...it was easily the most intense orgasm I ever had. When it ended I felt like my balls have shrunken.

For a minute we just sat there, me still shuddering and gasping, and Jin hugging my back, patting me down from my high.

With one last grunt, I let go of the death grip I had on Jin, and fell back on the bed. Jin was quick to follow, and for a moment I didn't feel his weight as he lay on top of me and we both panted and stared into space.

I was starting to feel uncomfortable just when Jin got up and raised himself from the bed, making my dick slip out from him in the process. I shivered at the feeling of being released from that heat.

I didn't even manage to ask what he was doing when he walked away from the bed. I was so worn out and just managed to stare up at the ceiling.

After a second he came back with a wet towel.

"Better take off that condom." He said softly and I felt him pulling off the condom from my already soft dick. A moment after I heard a small thud and figured he threw it on the floor.

I felt the wet towel caressing my spent cock and I shuddered a bit more. And soon the small towel found itself on the floor as well with a soft thud.

The bed shifted when Jin threw himself on it, and I rolled my head to the left when I felt him settle himself next to me. His big expressive eyes stared right back at me, and his mouth formed a small smile. "You don't have to think."

I frowned a little at that statement. He chuckled.

"What I meant was - don't over think about it right now." He raised his palm to caress my face a little. "Are you alright?"

I felt my eyes flutter at his touch, but I managed to answer a small "Yeah."

Jin's smile widened and his hand brushed my hair from my forehead. "Sleep a while, you can think about this as much as you want later." He removed his hand from my face and moved forward on the bed till our foreheads were almost touching and our breaths mingled.

"Yeah." I said again, and slowly rolled till I was lying on my side facing Jin, and felt my eyes closing while his hand began caressing my face again.

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