Miss Sarah's House

She lies in the bed,
a tiny figure still alive,
though the riches always kept her,
she aims only to survive,
in the mighty house of plenty,
where she dying now resides,
in insanity and wealthiness,
she clings barely to the ride.

Miss Sarah sleeps all day,
and she's always up at night,
the crazy ancient lady,
who has never seen the light,
in her multi-billion mansion,
in her strange and manic haze,
Mrs. Winchester is watching,
through a power-fueled daze.

She lived in fear of those deceased,
those shot down by her man,
and since in the rooms of tall and short,
she always only ran,
demanding and assertive,
she now waits only to die,
but her loyal crew of servants and cooks,
at her parting will not cry.

Miss Sarah was completely mad,
Miss Sarah was a freak,
Miss Sarah lost her way in the dark,
and now Miss Sarah's weak,
the mystery house alone in the sun,
now that it's owner is dead,
will wait in silence to bewitch,
the thoughts of each new head.