Chapter 2: Kidnapped!
-I'm going to have write whoever's P.O.V it is now because there is going to be more people in the following chapters-

Amber's P.O.V

Even though I knew someone broke in…I couldn't help but feel that the voice sounded so familiar. Before I could think of who the voice reminds me of I heard the intruder moving towards the kitchen door which leads into the living room, where I was at. I hurriedly climb up the stairs but the goddess of luck just didn't seem to like me today because I tripped down a flight of stairs causing me to black out. But just before I blacked out I saw the face of my Ex...Wait didn't he die...?

? P.O.V

Well well. Seems like that old ma-wait a minute...is this who i think it is...? I thought she was died! Stupid if she was dead why would she be here laying unconscious! Aish...that's old man fooled me again! (Aish means geesh in Korean)

No one's P.O.V

"Well I guess I better take her with me..." ? said as he picked her up princess style,carry her through the front door, and put her in the backseat of his car. ? then drove to his house an hour away from Amber's house.

-skipping to when Amber wake up in a dark basement with no window.-

"Man...I probably got kidnapped..." Amber said as she sat up and rub her head.

"I see your awake," ? said turning on the light.

"Jake? how can this be? dad told me you were dead..." Amber said as her head started pounding.

"Well daddy lied to his princess now didn't he?" Jake said quirking one of his eyebrow.

"No...dad...would never..." Amber said as tears formed in her eyes.

Amber's P.O.V

No...dad would never lie to me...or...NO! Even though I always build a wall between us he would never lie to my face...

No one's P.O.V

Jake stood up," Well rest for tonight and tell me if you want to leave or not tomorrow," he said as he walked up the stairs and locked the door behind him.

"Hmp...he acts so calm like breaking into my house and killing my dad isn't a crime," Amber said as she lied back down and slowly drifting to sleep telling herself to leave as soon as she woke up the very next day.

Will she really leave? Or will she stay? Find out in the next chapter! (Guess I'm going on vac. and i won't be able to upload for about a month...maybe i can somehow get internet access and update but i really don't know! DX) Anyways thanks for reading 3 Love ya