Chapter 35 (time lapse-six months later)

Frightened as I was, I let out a loud, maybe girlish scream, as someone scooped me up bridal style and then I was parted with the really comfortable sun bed I was lying on for I don't know how long. Oh, I forgot to mention that Lynn, me and the others decided to go swimming today, right? Well, I am telling you now. We decided to hang out at the local swimming pool...and, as it seemed, they wouldn't let me lay down on that comfortable sun bed or anything like that.

I didn't bother to look up to see who it was. I was sure as hell that I was lying in Andy's arms. "Are you going to let go of me anytime soon?" I asked.

No answer.

"Be polite...and I may let you go..." someone said.

I looked up, only to find that Lynn was the one who had picked me up. "Why?" I whined. "The sun bed was so comfortable..."

She pouted. "Do you mean that the sun bed is better than me?" she teased.

I laughed. "Of course I do!" I laughed, just to see her reaction. "Didn't you know that already? There's no need to compare you."

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"

I nodded, trying to keep a straight face.

"Well..." she started and shot me an evil smirk, "if I throw you in the pool, will you still be so sure?"

I stared at her. I assume that both me and you know that Lynn can be evil and annoy the hell out of you...but what I didn't know was that she could be that evil. Oh, I just figured it out, I guess...and so did you. Please help me?

"Yes," I started, "but I also know that you love me way too much to throw me in the pool. You don't want to make my hair look like a mess since they look so good today, right?" I teased, wondering what her answer would be. She always came up with witty comebacks and would tell off everyone who made fun of her. I really admire her, and I am proud to say that she is my girlfriend. I couldn't have asked for something better, could I..?

She shot me an evil smile. Well...I think that I could. I just changed my mind. "Please?" I begged.

She went on teasing me. "Please what?" She took a step closer to the pool. I could hear Erin, Billie and Rose laughing. I looked over at them. That's it. Now I have every right to say that we have all made a really good exhibition of ourselves...but Andy and Ashley were missing.

As I looked back at Lynn, she went on talking. "I know, they are not there with the others..." she said.

"Where are they?"

"Over there," she laughed and looked at the direction in which they were found to be. "A few minutes ago, Ashley decided that it was a good idea to start chasing Andy around the pool with a baby pink lifesaver. So he jumped into the pool so as not to be caught, but he failed in it. And now...well," she laughed, "that's what's happening." she said and pointed at the guys. "Andy is chasing him around the pool, trying to catch him and, as he said, to make him regret for making him use that pink lifesaver," she giggled. "I don't know how Ashley came up with that, though...they can be so stupid..."

Less than a minute later, she was laughing hysterically for a reason I probably didn't know. That girl could be so weird when she wanted to. And the worst part? That caused her to laugh with some things that most of us were unaware of.

She hadn't let go of me, though. And it seemed like she wasn't going to let me go anytime soon.

"Are you going to let me down or not?" I asked.

She looked at me, still laughing, then turned around to face the others. "Hey guys, should I?"

All of them shook their heads. And then Lynn's giggle was cut off.

"Lynn, wait for me! You are not going to throw Ryan in the pool without my help!"

We turned around to look at Andy, who had caught Ashley and was dragging him by the hand with him whenever he went. "You just can't." he smiled.

"God, you are so evil that you should be known as the most evil kid in the whole world," Ashley laughed.

"Okay..." Lynn started and looked back at me, shooting me another evil smirk, "want to help me?"

"Nooo!" I screamed. "You are not going to do this, will you?" I asked Andy.

He just grinned as he walked closer to us and picked me up. "Of course I will!" he exclaimed. "How could I ever leave my best friend suffering? It's such a hot day, you should get in! And since you haven't already...we will be the ones to make you do so!" he smiled.

I sighed as they let go of me. A second later, they had both picked me up and took some steps closer to the pool. Don't do this again, I told myself. Don't go swimming with them again, and don't sigh until it's all over.

Well, it clearly wasn't over...

And I couldn't prevent them from throwing me in the pool...

"I hate you, do you know that?" I whined.

They didn't answer. They looked at each other. Evil smirks were spread across their faces.

"Let's do it!"

A minute later, I found myself into the pool. "I loathe you both!" I yelled while laughing as I got out of the pool and started chasing them in order to take revenge. Okay, let's face it. I'm sure as hell not as evil as they are. So how am I supposed to take revenge..? And how-

Oh wait.

"Lynn, aren't we going to go to the movies in the afternoon?" I asked Lynn as we were making our way to our homes.

"Yes, we agreed to go and see that new horror movie!" she smiled.

"Well, you are paying for the tickets." I said as I tossed her over my shoulder and started walking towards her house.

"First of all, let me down!" she screamed playfully and punched me. She was smaller and weaker than I was, so I wouldn't let go of her anytime soon.

"Or what?" I asked.

She just started laughing. "Okay, I am paying for the tickets."

I let her down and laughed. "That's what you get for throwing me in the pool."

"Whatever," she giggled. "I will. I will pick you up around eight, okay?" she asked me as we reached her home.

I nodded as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I kissed her back.

"Oh, and let me tell you something," she said and turned around as she was about to walk into her house.

I looked at her, waiting.

"I love you," she smiled and blew me a kiss before she walked into the house and closed the door behind her.

I smiled. "I love you too." She probably didn't hear it, but she knew it.

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