Chapter 3

He actually thought that I would believe that bogus lie. I refused to talk to him for days. The days seemed to get shorter as well, and my memory wasn't as good. My mother thought everything was okay since I've been speaking to her more frequently about miscellaneous things. Slowly I stumbled my way down the stairs to go to school.

"Honey," my mom called from the kitchen.

"What," I groaned annoyingly.

"Come here," she ordered as I walked to where she was reading the morning paper. She rested the paper on the table, and looked at me concerned.

"Have you…. Started your period yet?" She blurted out. I stared at her for the longest time, and slowly crept away.

Avoid these talks at all costs. She yelled after me, but I was already leaving the house. Yes, I haven't started yet, and I'm in high school, who cares? Today I wore skinny jeans with a loose cute top and some sneakers. The bell rang as I just entered the classroom. That guy was gone today, which was very unusual, I was starting to believe he couldn't get sick. My attention was off, my skin itched, and I literally had the worst head ache in the world.

People looked at me funny, and walked slowly away as they passed me in the hallway. This was ridiculous! I didn't look different than anyone else. The voices in the hallway seemed twice as loud equaling twice as annoying. During lunch I went into the bathroom, slid to the floor against a wall, and plugged my ears desperately. These noises were driving me to the point of madness, and I was just letting it happen.

Sarah walked into the bathroom, and slowly stopped when she identified who I was. Her eyes looked concerned, but she didn't say anything. She went in one of the stalls, and came back out. Washing her hands, and redoing her make- up, she finally turned to me.

"Are you okay or something?"

"Shut up," I whispered.

Her glare was icy and cold, but I was in too much pain to care. "Look, you don't have to be so rude since we're not friends anymore, okay? I was just trying to be nice for a change."

"SHUT UP!" I screamed, and swayed her away. Her eyes widened in hurt.

"I'm going to get help," she yelled, and ran off.

Why'd she have to yell so loudly? The tears started pouring down my face as her voice tripled in my head. The door boomed against the wall as Zayne came crashing in with his face full of worry. He picked me up, me being too weak to protest, and ran with me in his arms to my house. My mother screamed when she saw him unexpectedly walk right through our house upstairs.

"What happened to Adamina," she frenzied.

He growled, and shut the door of my bedroom in her face. He placed me on my bed, and put so many blankets around me to secure my warmth. Not knowing what was going to happen to me or if my head was going to explode. He sat down beside me on my bed, and stroked my forehead. Turning I buried myself into his chest, and made myself warm and toasty. His heartbeat was racing just by my touch, making me very happy.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered. I looked at him confusingly and painfully.

He smiled and grabbed a mirror to show me myself. He pointed it right in front of me, and I stared for the longest time in awe. My skin shined a light gray-blue that was kind of scary, but it also sparkled like I had hidden diamonds beneath my skin. He smiled at my expression, and laid down beside me to provide comfort for me.

I lay my head on his chest as I enjoy the peace, and let my heavy fifty pound eye lids finally close. I listened to his heart beat get more and more faint with each breath that I took. I hope that I was going to be alright when I woke up. Zayne said that I would sleep for a couple of months and be regenerated when I awoke again, but would everyone forget about me then? I let a tear slip down my cheek as I finally drowned out every noise, and fell asleep.

Zayne P.O.V

She looked helpless as she slept, and I was just supposed to stay by her side, and watch her change into this damn stuck up snobby thing. Her mother slammed the door open as tears poured down her face.

"What is wrong with my baby," she screamed. I took a slow breath, since my parents had explained to them what was really going on I could just be brief.

"She is going to sleep a while, and wake up anew."

Her mother kneeled on the floor and wept. She rambled to herself as Mr. Crane came by her side with a nice hot cup of tea. He slowly guided her toward the kitchen and nodded toward me as they left. At least he trusted me with Ada's life. I slowly prodded Adamina off me, and got up to stare out the window. The air was chilly in her room, and I was starting to feel a bit uneasy about how warm she would stay. If she didn't have enough warmth while sleeping she would die, and I will definitely not allow that.

My father soon came in the room, and looked at me. One nod and I was gone, running down the stairs and out the front door I ran to the side of town to the forest, and threw my clothes immediately on the ground. I was famished, and I need food now. Standing there I concentrated on my transformation, and howled in pain as my spine cracked while my human figure contorted into a wolf. My breath was heavy as I instant caught onto another animals scent.

My nostrils sniffed the air hard to figure out what I smelled was a whole family of deer. Licking my snout I slowly shuffled my way in the newly fallen snow, now aware of every sound and every movement. Peeking behind a bush, I saw them looking for some grass underneath the snow. I pulled my lips back and made my teeth visible.

I quietly growled when my stomach grumbled underneath me. These deer were mine. Instantly I pounced out o from behind the green bushes, and hooked my teeth into the baby fawn, she wasn't going anywhere. The startled doe and buck started running into the trees frantically.

I grinned, and chased after the doe, she was much slower than the buck, not to mention less muscular.

My feet thumped on the ground just to get a little closer. She stumbled over something, and her throat was instantly in my jaws. I eagerly ripped into her, and started eating. My father would need me back son, I needed to protect Adamina. After my meal, I went to the nearest lake, and cleaned up, going to look for my clothes later.

Quickly, I ran back to her house enjoying the wind on the way. I thumped up the stairs, and when I got into the room my father jumped out the window. Adamina was left the way that I had put her. She looked like a porcelain doll, but I wandered if she hurt on the inside since she was changing into something different. Would she like me less or more when she woke up? I would still be in love with her no matter how hard Aran, the king, tries to stop me from saving her from him.


Sorry it took me forever. I hope you enjoyed this chapter ^_^ It's a little odd.