I'm happy

I'm cheery

I'm strong

I never break

But you

Only you

Know that I

I am fragile

Fragile as an egg

A chip or a crack

And I spiral down

Into the abyss

The liquid inside me

It pours out

Onto the ground

In little drops

Of sweet

Sweet sorrow

My tears spill forth

From my once guarded eyes

You walk to me

To comfort me

To hold me

I push you away

You can't see why

Why I do this

This act of strength

I won't take your pity

Pity for one

One who doesn't deserve it

Have you ever thought

Thought that maybe

Just maybe

I'm being strong for you

Because no one

No one was strong for me

So hold me anyways

Show me what

What it means

Means to be weak

Because I didn't want to be

Be like all the others

That let me down

I need to know

That it's okay

Okay to be weak

In your arms

And let the tears

Flow unguarded

It's been too long

Too long of being strong

It's time

Due time

To let you see

I'm not without

Without wounds of my own

I'm just broken

Like everyone else

I'm sorry

To have ever

Pushed you away

So far away

Pull me close

Hold me tight

I don't have the strength

The strength to fight

I need your love

And your pity

On my broken

So broken

Heart and soul

Inspired by Stand in the Rain by Superchick and my own thoughts and feelings.