Angel in Disguise

There she is

Lookin' away

She doesn't even look like she belongs in this day.

She's an angel

Here in disguise

I can see it hidden in her eyes.

But she hides something

Deeper than you know

She has so much behind her, following in tow.

She's kept locked up in a cage

Where the lock hangs, rusted and old

She's tucked into herself, alone and oh so cold.

Can you save her life?

You must find the key to unlock the lock

Time is ticking, there's not much left on the clock.

She wants to fly

Open her wings and go up high

Because that's where she's from, the owner of the sky.

The wind billows through her hair

It and the sun her only friend

She will be free, her will won't bend.

Now if you try to harm her

Your heart will be broken

No matter what, she won't be your token.

But if you let her free

And get here out of that cage

She'll repay you for all of that age.

Because she owns it all

She'll give you anything and everything you need

The sun, moon and stars, that's where she'll lead.

There she is

Lookin' up into her sky so far away

She never has belonged in this day.

Because she's an angel

She's here in disguise

I can see it there in her eyes.