CRSH! The man fell straight onto the car, causing alarm from the pedestrians walking at night. They all looked up at the 10 story window where the man fell out from. Did he commit suicide? A few minutes later, Sparrow Division cars and a Matrebo car pulled up and Agustos, Claire, Veck, and Sinis stepped out. They observed the body after it was laid onto the ground. The man was identified as a Russell Smith, an accomplice of Tyler. There were strange things though. There were sickles sticking out of Russell's chest, as if the sickles were thrown at him…and with accuracy! Multiple syringes were stuck in his arm…What was going on? They looked up at the building and saw something fluttering down. It had landed in front of Claire. Was it a piece of paper? She picked it up and observed it with the others. On one side was a decorative design background. She flipped it over and saw a picture of a Plague Doctor in the middle.

"And the Undertaker strikes again…" said Claire.

"The Undertaker? Who's that?" asked Veck.

"Some armed idiot who thinks he's some kind of masked vigilante." replied Agustos.

"Well, he's killing all our suspects on the Tyler case." said Sinis, "He could be in league of us."

"Sinis is right. But we have to find out who this 'Undertaker' is. He may be helping us but he's still dangerous." said Agustos, "Claire, check the science teams throughout the city to examine these weapons. Get Forensics on it too. Veck, check for any files on the Undertaker in Sparrow Division. You're the head of Security so it shouldn't be that hard. Sinis, check your wealthy contacts here and New Elysium. See if he's been there too. I'll alert our President, Archer. I should be able to get him to hold a Congress meeting, since I am his advisor. Everyone got it?"

Sinis, Claire, and Veck nodded. They all reentered the Matrebo car and drove off.

A few blocks away on a rooftop of a building, a figure dressed in pitch black stood at the edge. His plague doctor mask gleamed in the moonlight as he watched as the Matrebo car drove past the building. He slid out a glass, touchscreen phone. He unlocked it and dialed a number. The man held the phone to his ear as he waited for the receiver to pick up the phone.


"They're going to start looking into me. Even the President will be interested. I'm flattered."

"Don't be. We will find you, did you even get my cell number?"

"I have ways, Archer. Don't underestimate me."

The man hung up on Archer and slid his tablet back into his pocket. He then reached behind his back and slid out a sickle. The chase was on.