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Andy Gills woke up in a daze. He looked around, making sure nothing bad happened the night before. Andy, fourteen years old, had fluffy, long mahogany-red hair, dark green eyes, and pale skin. But what was more noticeable was that he had a small nose like it was brushed against his face, and very dark, thin eyebrows. His window shades were open, but the sun was bright. So bright in fact, that his eyes scorched even if he had a peek. Andy knew he didn't get much sleep, why was it so bright outside? He had a panic-stricken look on his face, as if he had just seen a ghost, or a hairy tarantula. He always wakes up at 7:30 AM to go to work by 8:15. He looked at his alarm clock, which never went off.

1:47 AM. What! He thought. I must have set the time back a few hours. Andy slowly crept to his brother's room. His brother's name was Isaiah. People can tell Andy and Isiah are brothers, but not by much. Isiah, unlike Andy, had short, brown hair. His legs were lanky, and his personality was generally bitter. The only way people could tell they were brother were the thin eyebrows and small nose. The reason why Andy crept into his brother's room, is because he had a cable box in his room. Cable box's show the real time. But then...

1:49 AM. Instead of panicked, Andy was completely confused. Automatically assuming it was a dream, he slowly walked back into his room, and tried to sleep on his bed. Hoping this "dream" would end. Then, he opened his eyes. He heard a loud noise, and looked outside from his window. He saw a gargantuan blue being. He almost had a heart attacked, closed his shades, and tried to fall asleep as fast as he could. Only one question flew to his mind. Is this real or is this a dream? He still assumed it was a dream. He had dreams like this all of the time.

Andy started to open his eyes. He tried to find the alarm clock, but he couldn't. In fact, he couldn't find a thing, the room was pitch black. Andy was trapped! The room was very small, and it certainly wasn't his bedroom. He heard a loud ruffling sound.

"Is anyone there?" Asked a voice Andy didn't recognize.

"Yes, w-who are y-you?" Andy said in his English accent. He was so frightened he realized he had been stuttering. Andy took a few steps back and began to feel the wall. The wall was all wooden, and felt as cold as ice. A light switch suddenly turned on! Andy was shocked.

"Dude, you look like you've seen a ghost!" Said the voice. The man talking seemed to be at least twenty years old, and had a dashing appearance. He had long brown hair, brown eyes, brown... everything. Yet, he still seemed to look noble. "The name is Jackson" he said holding out a hand. "How old are you, anyway?"

"F-F-Fourteen" Andy said stuttering even more. "I'm Andy" He said.

"Before you say anything, I'll explain this to you." Jackson opened a door. There was a long silver corridor, the interior was nice. Andy still didn't know where he was. Then he stepped outside the door and looked down at two clean windows. It all looked familiar. Blackness, stars, giant spheres, people in huge gray suits

"We're in space?" Andy yelled.

Space is defined as everything in existence of mankind. Andy still didn't believe he was in it. He had just thought it was a dream. A long, realistic dream that you can control. He started to scuttle across the floor of ship, hoping he would wake up in his own bed. What humans don't know is that spaceships have existed for a while. Since the 20's in fact. But it's even better than the movies, there are mind-controlled video games, automatic shield, and over ten integrated hot chocolate machines! The good kind of hot chocolate, the kind with candy and whipped cream in it. Nobody knew this because spaceships are usually in the middle of deep space. And what Andy didn't know, is that Jackson wasn't actually human. He's from another universe. His actual appearance was completely blue skin, small spikes on his arm, and a flat face that looks as if it was hit against pavement. Jackson didn't care about this though, to him it was completely normal. In fact, he was the most nifty of his kind.

"You have about five seconds to explain this." Said Andy, with a mixture of emotions in his face.

"Okay fine." Jackson started to reply, "Your planet has sort of been-" He took a huge pause. "Decimated." He said this in a nonchalant expression. It wasn't his world, so he didn't really care. One of the most obvious traits of Jackson, was that he was quite vain.

"Uh-huh." Andy replied with his eyes wide open. "You see Jack," He tried to remain calm "I'm very upset about that. I had a perfectly normal life on that planet."

"Well if you liked that horrible planet, then start getting prepared for this!" Jackson handed Andy an abnormally large silver jacket. Andy put it on anyways, too exhausted to talk. He had time for one more question though.

"Hey," Andy said. "Where exactly are we?"

"The thing is... I have no idea!" Jackson started to laugh hysterically, while Andy's face was frozen in horror. His reaction was worst than what it was when he first entered the ship. His body went wobble, and his skin began to turn pale. He looked out the window, and started to feel better. He was amazed at the shape of the planets, and how big the stars are. He also saw several other great looking spaceships.

"Oh yes," Blurted out Jackson. "Get prepared for the warp hole."

"What's that?" Asked Andy. A warp hole is defined as a hole composed of a warp. Or in other words, a giant hole that sucks you up, and nearly gives you a heart attack. Out of all of the bad things you can encounter in in space, a warp hole is one of the worse. It lasts for up to ten minutes, and makes you roll in every way you'd think is impossible. It's like an earthquake, except it also makes you hallucinate, or "see things." For instance, once a man saw an evil bottle of hot-sauce during a warp hole, and another saw a yellow dolphin. The warp hole started. Andy began to feel sick. The two started to roll on the ground, and worst, the ceiling. Their bodies started to bounce like a basketball. It finally stopped. But then came came the hallucinations. Andy saw a giant ugly fish munching the ceiling. Jackson saw tiny goats, and more!

"No, stop it. Andice... Er... Andy. Stop turning into a yeti, you're starting to scare me." Jackson was talking in a slow, slurred speech.

"Well, I'll stop it, if you stop becoming a narwhal!" Andy said. "You belong in the ocean!" After a few more minutes of running in circles and seeing giant sea creatures, the warp hole stopped. The two fell to the ground. Not in a good way, either. They were both groaning and moaning on the floor.

"Andy..." Said Jackson, hyperventilating. "Does that answer your question?" Andy slowly nodded and tried to grin. When on the inside, he was saying "GET ME OUT OF HERE, PLEASE!" Jackson stood up and started walking down the long hallway like nothing happened.