Love is patient, love is kind,

You were the first to ask, "be mine".

But in the end it was all a lie;

A fabrication made by a close friend,

My anger and rage did descend

Upon those that dared play with my heart,

Hitting bull's-eye with their dart.

Love is patient, love is kind,

You were the first to make me pine.

On a roller coaster you did ask,

If I was up to the task

To be with you and hold your hand

But all did not go as planned.

"Too much alike" is what you said

To which my heart did shred.

Love is patient, love is kind,

You are forever on my mind

As you were the first to grace my lips

With the presence of a kiss.

With your embrace you would smother

But in doing so you made me the other.

"I love you," you would whisper to me

Yet I doubted your sincerity.

For you my seventeen-year old self,

Would have taken off her belt,

Lay before you bare as day

And let you have your way.

Let you fuck her till she cried you name,

Then go home and cry in shame.

I would have done all this for you,

But luckily I knew.

You would never trully be with me

No matter how much I lay before you knee,

Begging you to stay,

You would always stray.

Love is patient, love is kind,

My love for you has made me blind.

No other since,

Has been able to convince.

I can't move on and leave thee

Even though you do not want me.

I have tried to break your hold

But each time my heart do scold.

The first to try,

Said "good-bye"

And left me in the cold.

That is when I was pulled into the fold

Of one who lusted for my flesh,

Tickled me with his caress.

Too overwhelming was his embrace,

I had to put him in his place.

Still, those two could not take my mind

Off of the one I had left behind.

No other has been able to fulfill,

Provided me with the thrill

Of being in love,

Even though long ago you gave me a shove,

And cast me aside.

You broke my heart, I hoped to die,

Whisper my final good-bye.

I wanted to forever be by your side,

Instead I was denied.

I will always look at you and forever cry your name.

You will shy away and whisper her name,

The name I cannot bear to say,

For it brings me dismay.

So I will sit, and I will wait

Hoping that one day you see,

Just how much you mean to me.

Love is patient, love is kind.

However my faith in love has declined…