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Taylor's Point of View

I sat at my desk, typing up the stock report for the week. As I finished the report, making sure our shareholders each got the correct stock, I silently praised myself.

I stood up and paced the floor of my office, my family ran this company. I wasn't the actual heiress, my older sister was, she was pursuing her dreams of being a famous singer, she was well on her way. I was trained in everything a sucessful young businesswoman should know. My parents were extremely proud of my sucess, my father was the only one, besides me, in favor of my dear sister, Natalia's, dream.

The phone on my desk rang,"This is Revealer Inc. This is Taylor Revealer speaking. How may I help you," I answered, the mantra drilled into my head.

"Taylor," a gruff, yet gentle male voice addressed,"Daddy!" I reply enthusiastically. I was a 'daddy's girl'.

"We have a lunch meeting with a client, do you have anything to attend to between noon and one o'clock?" He asked, immediately met with a yes in a matter of seconds.

"Yes, Daddy, I have my afternoon free, would you like me to take some of your clients?" I asked, knowing I could after the lunch meeting.

"Please take the Hosler meeting a one forty-five," He asked of her.

"Of course, do you know if they are bringing Jared?" I asked, remembering their son of thirteen, who was almost like myself.

"Of course they will!" His voice boomed through the phone.

"I'll have Janet make note of the change," I replied to him, taking care to write it down to tell the secretary in charge of my appointments and meeting.

"Meet me in the lobby, fifteen 'til," He told me.

"See you then Daddy," I told him before sitting in my chair, which resided behing the solid oak desk used for my work.

I sighed, my day was empty. I had no meetings, or any paperwork to do. I phoned Janet and she put the two meetings on my schedule.

I leant back in the chair, my red-blonde hair moving with the movement I made. My jade green eyes stared at the ceiling before snapping forward at the tentative knock at the door.

"Come in," I called.

The door moved forward to reveal a familar blonde, blue-eyed friend,"Luke!" I yelled softly, walking quickly over to the old friend.

I felt his chuckles through his body as I hugged him. The feeling reverbrating through his whole body.

"I missed you!" I squealed into his chest, muffled by it as well.

I felt him move me farther in the office and shut the door.

"So have I, our fathers are draggin us to a lunch meeting, think it has something to do with us?" He asked, eyes shining like the ocean.

"Think they know?" I asked softly, Luke and I had been 'going out' for a while, it wasn't easy, usually casual dates.

"Or, it has to deal with actual work," he suggested, smiling at my shyness.

He knew our parents would approve, we just knew that then it would be in the public. I looked into his sea-blue eyes, he, into my dark jade orbs.

He lightly pecked my lips, making me grin the grin only he could get from me.

"Miss. Revealer, it's twenty minutes until noon, you should be on your way," Janet's voice came from the intercom on my desk.

I strode over to the desk and press the button to address Janet,"Thank you, Janet. And call me Taylor." I replied evenly, grabbing my light over-coat and leaving the office, Luke trailing as we walked to the elevator, making our way down in a comfortable silence.

~At the diner~

I sat opposite Luke and his father, William. "Good to see you again ," I greeted the man formally, as I strected my hand to shake.

He shook my hand firmly, as you would expect from a business partner. "It's good to see you Taylor, how is the business?"

I took a sip of my water,"It's been pretty easy for me lately, Dad here," I lightly nudged his shoulder as he chuckled, "has been the busy one."

William chuckled lightly before turning serious. "Richard," he addressed my father, "shall we tell them now?"

I wore a confused look, brows furrowed, slightly cocking my head, "Sweetie," my father said, holding my hand, "Luke and you...well, you're arranged to be married."

I looked at Luke, seing compassion in his eyes as he reached for the hand that my father wasn't clasping. I entwined our fingers, lightly sliding my other hand from my father.

"I see no issuse," I replied, my voice full off unshed emotion.

My father stared blankly at me as Luke replied," Neither do I."

Our fathers stared at our entwined hands, it was William to speak, "Are you dating?"

Luke and I shared a brief look of panic, an understanding passing through our eyes, "Yes, yes we are, we have been for a few months now." I spoke calmly.

The grin that appeared on my father's face could be no brighter, no wider at any other news. William's face lit up as well.

"Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming," Luke's father spoke, smiling brilliantly, as though our being together was the best thing in the world to ever occur.

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