Everyday of our lives, we hide in our shells.

Matryoshkas, is what they call us.

Has our lives come down to this?

Hiding behind a smiling mask, a deceiving mask.

A lying mask.

The betraying mask.

Only a select few can break out of their shell, and expose the real them.

Join us, I say, join us.

Escape this mask that stares you down, the mask that controls you.

Leave this shell, for what it portrays on the outside, this is not you, my friend.

Run, scream, clap your hands childishly.

Don't hide your crazy, for we all are crazy.

But the rest of the world lies to itself, saying they are sane.

Eventually, these lies will have the world on its' head.

Upside down.



Hurry my friend, let's dance.

Come one, dance, with all your foolishness.

Dance with me, these emotions.

Dance with us, join us.

The patched up, crazy Matryoshkas.