Down we go. The lights vanish, leaving only deep purple and white flickers behind out eyelids when we blink. In the darkness we are engulfed. The air is warm and slightly stuffy, but instead of making us feel suffocated, we are comforted.

I press my open mouth against his neck, breathing in his sweet, sweaty scent. His breath rushes out and tickles in my hair, and I smell the lemongrass from his tea. His knee presses into my thigh, firmly, then shifts over to the side. I roll onto my back as he lifts himself up and begins to straddle me.

We gaze into each others eyes in the dark. Our eyes are lit by the streetlights shining dimly in through the window, and by the odd red glow from our phones charging on the nightstand. He smiles, his teeth a bright flash. I smile back, reaching up to cup my hand around the back of his neck. I pull him down, and our lips connect.

I close my eyes and wrap my other arm around him as our kiss excites me. My body heats up, my muscles flex and tremble. My breathing turns ragged, my fingers twitching in his hair. Our legs rub together, our feet, our toes. He curls his toes against the top of my foot, pinching me. I flinch and giggle into his mouth despite myself.

He leans back and blinks quickly, licking his lips. "What?" he asks. I can tell he is forcing his voice to be steady.

"You pinched me," I scold playfully, kicking him.

He winces, that much I can tell even in this poor light. His face gets all stretched and his eyes wrinkle, his lips tight in a line. I hurt him. It makes me happy.

He touches my chin with his fingertip, then goes up to my bottom lip. He lets it rest there, until I bite him. Suddenly he shoves his finger in my mouth, and I bite onto it hard before he can get to my throat.

I swear I can almost feel something crunch as I clench my teeth into his finger, but he doesn't cry out. He wiggles the tip of his finger, and it tickles the back of my tongue. If I had an ounce less of control, I would have gagged. But I am a dignified person, so I will do no such thing.

He moves his leg and tucks up his knee, planting it between my legs. My stomach sinks, then tightens expectantly. He pushes his knee into my crotch, gently, just enough to warm me up.

Then he leans his face down, pressing his wet mouth into my stomach, and kisses and licks at my belly button. His knee rocks side-to-side in my crotch while he kisses me, and after a few moments, my eyes loose focus and my jaw relaxes. I part my teeth and he deftly withdraws his finger from my mouth.

Before I can even swallow, his tongue is in my mouth, our lips mashed together. He pants through his nose and I inhale his breath like a drug, relishing its subtle smell. Wetness runs out of my eyes and from my mouth and smears all over my face as he turns his head and presses his cheek to mine while he takes a breath.

My manhood is pulsing. My heart is racing, almost fluttering. I feel like a dog in heat. I don't want to stop, I don't want to breathe. But he is still gasping for air, so I wait.

His chest swells against mine at each shuddering breath, and we are almost in sync, but not quite. He shifts his weight and the sudden pressure on my torso makes me uncomfortable, but a second later he is still and I am fine again.

I reach up and tangle my fingers in his dark hair. In response, he lays his head on my chest, his left cheek between my breasts. I play with his hair, though all I want is to empty myself into his orifaces. His hand lays on my stomach. It is warm and moist. I take deep breaths as I slowly cool off.

"Do you want to finish?" he asks after a moment. I can tell he is content, that he would be happy to just lay here with me, but he is kind, willing to do anything in my favor, for he knows I am never satisfied.

"No," I say softly. I kiss his salty head and twirl my finger in his sideburns. I settle back against the pillows with a sigh. "Let's just sit like this for awhile."

I feel his lips stretch into a smile. I run my thumb down his cheek and under his jaw. As my hand passes by his mouth, he kisses it. We smile in the darkness.