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"Oooh, you done did it now," Five hisses in my ear, all of us staring at the girl on the ground. "Oooh, look at what you do~ne."

"Be quiet," I hiss back, squinting. "Mini Malynn told me to."

Mini Malynn chuckles in her bluesy voice, the sound of it filling my head with a smoky blue. "And wasn't it fun, Shaw? Look at her, she's even prettier now! But not prettier than me."

No, no one can be prettier than Mini Malynn. Despite her name, Mini Malynn is all curves; big blue eyes, big curls, big breasts, big hips. She's only called mini cuz it sounds right with her name. I love Mini Malynn, the way she always seems to be whispering in my ear and is always there to comfort me when they all get to be too much. When I hear Mini Malynn's voice, I calm down, and when she sings, I shut up real tight. I love hearing her sing. I don't even care that other people can't hear her singing too. Mini Malynn's all mine.

Dutch whimpers and I see sad, wet yellow. "She doesn't look prettier, Shaw! She looks like she's really hurt! You gotta take her to a hospital, so she can get fixed!"

"Shut your damned mouth, Dutch! Nobody asked you! You know I don't like hospitals!" I snap back at him, real loud, and then suck my breath in. The building manager lives three doors down from me and doesn't like it when I make a lot of noise. He also doesn't like it when I talk to Mini Malynn or Dutch or Five or Virginia. He doesn't like a lot of things about me. Actually nobody likes it when I do that. So when I go out, I gotta pretend like I don't hear Five hissing, or Mini Malynn singing or Dutch whimpering, or none of that, but it's hard.

Virginia starts murmuring, her voice so quiet I can barely hear it. "Shaw, what you are gonna do now? Do you just - can you just leave her there?"

I snort, and brush my hair away from my face. It's getting too long, so I'll have to cut it. But I can't remember where I left the scissors. "Duh, Virgin Virginia, I can't just leave her here." I reach down and pick her up like a sack of potatoes. Her hands and feet drag the ground as I carry her towards my bedroom. "I'll put her on the bed. Oh - wait." I set her back on the ground, and tear the covers off, except for the two layer sheets. I got a ton of stuff on my bed, so that at night, Mini Malynn, Five, Dutch, and Virginia can sleep too.

I drop her on the bed, and press my hand to her chest. It pushes back and I'm tempted to fondle her breasts, but that'd make Mini Malynn angry with me, and I'd have to do something pretty terrible so she can vent.

"I bet they's soft," Five hisses, like the weird orange pervert he is. Sometimes I don't know why I pay attention to him. Maybe it's because he came along with Mini Malynn and since I spend so much time with her, I can't focus on getting rid of him. "They even look bigger than Mini Malynn's!"

"You're lying!" she screeches. "Shaw, check! Check her breasts! Mine are genuine! She's probably pumped so full of plastic, she's a damned doll! Check, Shaw, goddammit! Check!"

I cringe the whole time Mini Malynn rants and raves, fumbling to take the girl's shirt off. Finally, the buttons go through the holes and her chest is revealed. Five whistles, Dutch and Virginia whimper in union, and Mini Malynn snorts. Mini Malynn's are bigger, for sure, but this girl runs a close second, and that don't make Mini Malynn happy.

"I feel so mad now, just like before!" Mini Malynn huffs out. "I'm furious, Shaw! Do something about it! Cut her breasts, check to make sure there aren't any faint scars or something that could hint at them being fake! Mine are real, and better!"

I do as Mini Malynn says, sliding a razor along her chest. Her breathing was faint before, but now its getting louder, harsher, and it reminds me of the color violet red. I always loved that color when I was drawing. Sometimes, I'd create whole pictures with just that one color. They were really nice, everyone liked them. That is until I left.

Dark red oozes everywhere, and I clean it up with her shirt. The girl starts quivering, her breathing tight and harsh, but growing quieter. I rub a little of the dark red on my brown pants, and frown. It looks nothing like violet red, because violet red's the best color. But Mini Malynn's pretty blue eyes are my second favorite too.

"Dumb bitch, of course she'd pay for a treatment that enhanced her breasts without implants!" Mini Malynn shrieks loudly. "Roll the bitch up and drop her over a cliff, Shaw! I hate her, I can't stand the sight of her! Get her out of here quick! I won't talk to you until you do!"

"Aww, Mini Malynn," I groan, grabbing one of the covers, Dutch's favorite. I probably won't sleep that well tonight because he won't have it. "Please don't say that, Mini Malynn! You know I love you, I can't love anybody else. This girl, she doesn't mean nothing to me! Besides, how can you tell me where I gotta go if you won't talk to me."

She huffs. "Well, fine, alright, whatever. Just hurry up. I don't like the sight of her. I abhor her. Isn't that right Virginia! We abhor whores like this one! Virgin Virginia isn't a slut like this bitch, with fake boobs and weird stick straight hair!"

Virginia's a natural redhead, but without the anger. She's so sweet, it's why Mini Malynn calls her a virgin, but I don't like her too much. She's way too quiet. "Yeah. Whores should stick to their street corners."

"That's right, you tell her!" Mini Malynn purrs, like a baby kitten. "Slut should have kept her legs shut! Sing it for me, Shaw, while you wrap her up."

"Whores belong to their street corners," I sing for Mini Malynn, though my voice isn't as good as hers. "Slut should have kept her legs shut."

Her breathing hitches for a second but I don't bother to see if she's okay. Mini Malynn says I gotta dump her off a cliff, so I will.

"She'll suck you off for a nickel," I sing some more, because it makes Mini Malynn giggle excitedly. "And take you to a hotel room for a twenty-five cent boom."

I wrap another blanket around her, and then another, so that none of the dark red seeps out. It clashes with all the other things I have, so I won't allow it to touch anything else. When I hit her with the plastic bat over and over again, hardly any of that dark red came out, but she sure hit the ground hard. I kept hitting her until she wouldn't open her eyes anymore. I hope the building manager didn't hear any of the noise she made. It was really loud.

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~A Dreamer Always