"K.W.U.P, K.W.U.P, K.W.U.P," The kids chanted, getting louder and louder, filling the large hall they were standing in. A space in the floor they had all carefully positioned themselves around, opened up, and a stage started to slowly rise out of the ground. The kids started to cheer louder than before, continuously chanting the name of their camp. A man was standing on the stage and with a large, confident click, the stage stopped rising. "Hello everyone," The man smiled at the large gathering of kids. "Hello Mr Rogers," They replied, eagerly.

"Now let's cut to the chase," The man smiled at the crowd, "We all know I'm here for one reason."

The crowd quivered with excitement. "I'm here to inform you of the new mission the government want you to help them with," He continued, watching the hopeful smiles appear on every child's face. "There has been news of an attack, and we need some of you too, how shall I say, sort it out."

There was loud cheering and shouting from the crowd, everyone high-fiving and talking excitedly at the people nearest them. "I cannot tell you about it, seeing as it is top secret," He shouted over the crowd, "But if you will please stop talking, I can tell you who will be going," He finished triumphantly. Everyone was instantly silent.

"Only two of you here at K.W.U.P, Kids With Unusual Powers, will be going," He said, a little sadly. There were some groans and sighs from the crowd. "I know, I know," He said sympathetically, "and that's not the worst bit."

The crowd tensed up. Each of them could tell what was coming next, but were still desperately hoping Mr Roger's wasn't going to say what they knew he would.

"The reason so little of you are going, is because two kids from U.P.Y.P, Unnaturally Powerful Young People, will also be chosen to assist in the mission." Mr Rogers finished.

Those few words were all he needed to say to cause chaos in the crowd. There was yelling and shouting, the crowd eagerly sharing as many insults about U.P.Y.P as possible. Mr Roger's sighed, but couldn't hide the small smile on his face at the loyalty these young people held for him and K.W.U.P.

Years ago, he and the Ryan brothers had equally run a secret government organisation for young people with powers. However, the younger of the Ryan brothers, poor old Peter Ryan, also had powers. Although he ran the camp for the kids, he was also often involved in the government missions. One time, the mission was more dangerous than anticipated, and Peter was severely injured. Soon after, poor old Peter had died. Joseph Ryan, his older brother, went a bit weird after that. He wasn't as eager to train the kids as before, didn't care about it as much. This resulted in many arguments between Joseph and himself. Joseph eventually quit the organisation, and was allowed to create his own.

There was a lot of competition between the two camps. They would compete for who would have the most kids sent off on missions. Or whose kids were stronger. Pretty much in every way, they loathed each other.

"Mr Rogers, we don't want to work with them!" Yelled one of the older kids, his voice filled with disgust. "Then don't go on the mission," Mr Rogers replied calmly. "However, I've heard it's an important one," He added.

The crowd grumbled amongst themselves, but no-one else dared speak up for fear of not being chosen. "If there are no questions, I will leave you too it," Mr Rogers cleared his throat. "You will all be carefully watched by our members of staff, and shortly two of you will be chosen for intense training with the other chosen kids at U.P.Y.P."

The whole room buzzed with excitement. "Goodbye," Mr Rogers said calmly, and with a click, the stage slowly went down, sinking through the floor.