"Welcome everyone!" Mr Rogers beamed. "Welcome, welcome! Everyone, please be seated."

Felix and Azra took a seat next to each other.

"I'm so nervous," Azra whispered.

"It'll be fine," Felix replied, giving her a warm smile.

"We have to decide who will be chosen for the government mission with U.P.Y.P, and I can tell you that the two kids have been chosen."

Azra and Felix glanced at each other. Azra pulled a face.

"We can reveal that the pair is made up of a boy and a girl."

Everyone in the room turned to look at Azra and Felix. Some glared at them, jealous of how they were always chosen, others, mainly younger, were desperate to get a look at the 'dream team' before they were sent off to U.P.Y.P.

Azra looked down at the ground.

"The girl chosen is very good at what she does, and has been training hard. Azra, please step up to the stage."

Azra blushed and walked hastily over to the steps, almost tripping up she was so embarrassed. Mr Rogers shook her hand and then turned to read off the next card.

"This boy has seemed to get a very good result on his power check, and the staff all noticed he was training hard. Felix, please come on stage."

Noam grinned at him and Drema gave him a weak smile. As he made his way onto the stage he got many pats on the backs and whispers off "well done mate," in his ear. He shook Mr Rogers hand and stood next to Azra.

"Can we have a round of applause please everyone?" Mr Rogers grinned, winking at Azra and Felix.

The staff started telling everyone to line up and head over to the dining hall for dinner. When the large room was finally clear, Mr Rogers turned to the two of them.

"I can't say I'm surprised at seeing you two up here! I hope you are very excited about your mission, you must go pack your things and a member of staff will meet you here in the hall at 8.00pm to take you to U.P.Y.P. Good luck!"

"Wait, we're leaving now?" Azra gasped.

"Yes, of course. You must begin training at U.P.Y.P at once. This is far more important than all you're other missions, Azra."

"Okay." Azra mumbled.

"Go get your things, and like I said, good luck you two. Don't cause too much trouble at U.P.Y.P, will you?"

Felix grinned at Azra.

"Why of course not, we would never cause any trouble Mr Rogers sir."