The boy walks the corpse-laden road

Weakest of the weak, boldest of the bold

He knows he's all alone

Walks the same path, same old stones

Past the shells of once proud exhibition domes

Over the bloody hills to his home

To the bodies of his family and friends

Once again trying to make amends

With no success, he watches the sky

Knowing that soon he too will have to die

And join his mother and father

Even his girlfriend and daughter

Standing up, he makes his way to the ocean from the beach

From there, he swims out in the cadaver-infested water to reach

For the corpse of his sister floating in the water

Who, alas, had gone out like his daughter

Both had suffocated beneath the waves

One had went to sea to bathe

But didn't come back alive

The other went to dive

For her, but death claimed her as well

To the boy, the Earth was a living Hell

And so comes the day he had recovered his clan

Making him the only solitary man.