The BlueYoshian-MasterSlytherian

First Dictionary of

The Twenty First Century


We all know words that are really abnormal, such as Awesomazing or Fantabulous. But the words in this dictionary are word hybrids with no clear meaning as to what they mean. I will describe the definitions and more…dictionary stuff in this…dictionary. So without further ado, The BlueYoshian-MasterSlytherian First dictionary of the Twenty-First Century!

Conversationalisticizinating- v- Conversing randomly about the game last night.

Blueyoshguy and TheMasterSlytherin got bored and started Conversationalisticizinating.

Rigamorfavutasstic-adj. - Awesome, but in the way where it makes only one or two people think it was awesome.

The BlueYoshian-MasterSlytherian First Dictionary of the Twenty-First Century will be way more than Rigamorfavutasstic.

Funbbersticious- adj. - the feeling you get when you want to laugh at someone else's misery but people would think of you as rude if you did so just laugh to yourself instead.

Blueyoshguy was feeling funbbersticious when TheMasterSlytherin tripped and fell on her face.

Jamtabulous- adj. – seemingly good but when you touch it or poke it, it turns evil!

Blueyoshguy's potato related "trauma" as a child made him believe that they are Jamtabulous.

Flambunction- n. - A group of goats all tied to the same post and all bleating until a wolf comes up and they all faint in that funny way where they turn stiff and stretch out their legs.

Old MacDonald had a farm, and on that farm he had a flambunction.

Glamerama- adj. – having no feeling or sense or…like a grey room with no windows or doors.

TheMasterSlytherian's love for roast turkey on an onion burger with three pickles and a toothpick is glamerama.

Blabamituity- n. – a time of extreme explosions or dogs on surfboards hurting themselves.

The weather forecast predicts lots of blabamituity.

Bronaming- v. – Conversationalisticizinating between best friends or complete strangers.

Most people broname when they first meet.

Fiscationalism- n. – The theory that the world is not infinitely sized and that your lost cell phone is somewhere in it.

When Abel Fisce first developed his theory, people thought he was being too fiscational.

Scramptitous- adj. – having no truth value.

Most of the words in the BlueYoshian-MasterSlytherian First Dictionary of the Twenty-First Century are scramptitous.

Bafladled- v. – extremely obsessed with a soap opera or story that has no real point to it

People all over the world were bafladed over the BlueYoshian-MasterSlytherian First Dictionary of the Twenty-First Century.

Flupodipulated- v. – weirded out to the point of being rushed to the nearest pharmaceutical clinic

Stipolituzinied- v. – rapidly changing from a totally sane person to a totally insane person.

Coinditued- v. – changing political views over a silly thing like healthcare or something Bill Cosby said.

People could also be flupodipulated, stipolituzinied or coinditued because of the BlueYoshian-MasterSlytherian First Dictionary of the Twenty-First Century.

Tralpustic- adj. – terrible to the point of making a baby cry or flowers explode…not just wilt, but explode.

If somebody flames this story, it will be absolutely tralpustic.

Moiscationary- adj. – sounding funny!

Most of the words in the BlueYoshian-MasterSlytherian First Dictionary of the Twenty-First Century are moiscationary.

Hey guys! This story was inspired by a random conversation that I had on fan fiction with a fellow writer. I am Blueyoshguy and she is TheMasterSlytherin and we started off by conversationalisticizinating (more like bronaming) and then we started making up words and BOOM, I have this idea. So read and review and tell me your favorite word. And don't make your reviews glamerama or scramptitous, because that would be absolutely tralpustic. Hope this story was moiscationary enough for you. Remember to tell your friends how this story is not jamtabulous and is actually more than rigamorfavutasstic. And don't feel funbbersticious if they don't read it, it's their loss, not yours. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!