Kiara's POV

Office help, my free period. One of the few periods I actually like because I don't have to do much. I'm not a lazy person, I just don't like to do much for people that don't care about it. All they have me do here is small things, organize papers, fill out slips, stuff like that. Pretty easy, and I get free credits. Plus, I don't really like to talk to people. I prefer keeping a low profile. I kinda have to. But I'll cover why later.

The secretary came up to me. "Kiara, you're a senior right?"

"Yes." I answered hesitantly. I really hoped she wasn't about to ask me about somebody in class. I hated most of them, with the exception of my only real friend, Miku (A/N: Yes, the Vocaloid one. SHE EXISTS HERE), and her boyfriend Eric. They were the only people I could really trust. But they don't even know everything about me.

"I need you to show Mr. Dawson over there around the campus." She continued. "He's on your schedule and has shop class this period."

Dawson, that name reminds me of somebody. Somebody in the racing industry. Eh, I'm thinking too much. It's a common last name. I looked over at the African-American kid sitting in one of the office chairs, who appeared to be calculating something in his head. He must be a fan of math.

I went over to him. "Sorry to interrupt, but are you ready for your tour?" He snapped out of his mathematic trance and agreed. He got up, and was a lot taller than he seemed, since he towered over my 5'6' height, at what looked to be about 6'1". This kid still looked familiar to me though, maybe it's linked to his last name. I could've sworn he was in a video game or something. I went on with the tour, showing him where all his classes were, and giving him little hints to hang out with my small group of friends. He seemed like a nice guy, I just didn't want him to get roped into the other groups, the ones that pick on us because they think they're better than us.

We stopped by my locker, because I forgot my Government notebook, and my SpeedSport Magazine. I opened it, and forgot about the pictures of the Excelsior Corvette I had on the door.

He looked at it. "You're a fan of the FIA GT series?" So, he knew about the series. This was rare, since they haven't raced in America since 1999. "Because if you are, there's a little exhibition race in Fontana, and I have three tickets, if you, Eric, and Miku want to come."

"How come nobody said anything about this?"

"It's low profile. Last time we were here, a riot damaged half of Homestead-Miami."

"Did you just say we? As in, you're a part of FIA?"

"Yeah, I'm one of the drivers."

"Say wha?" Okay, this was new. A professional race car driver, who drives for a series, that has the same number of fans out there, that NASCAR has out here. And he's only 17. My life sucks a lot less because of him now. But, he could be lying. "Do you have proof?"

He chuckled and led me to his car. He had a nice car, a modified Acura RSX, completely tuned. He went to the trunk and pulled out a racing helmet, complete with decals from Playstation, and other sponsors. "Okay, I believe you." I said. "But why are you going here? You can't go to some fancy private school?"

"I'm not as rich as one might think. I have to pay a lot of costs." He went on the list of bills he had to pay with his race winnings, mentioning coming out of his own pocket a couple times. It had me surprised that he wasn't bankrupt.

I remembered that he still had half an hour of class to go to. I told him to get in his car, and guided him to the garage where his class was located. His car was a great contrast to the usual muscle cars that were in the class. I helped him push his car onto an engine bay, and let him know where I am if he needed anything. I headed back to the office, to continue on with my work.

Although I couldn't concentrate, because I just remembered how my father was, and I knew he wasn't gonna let me go unless I met a certain condition. Said condition, also shared office prep with me and slapped me on the ass.

"Hey babe." He said.

"What do you want Jesse?" I said with disgust.

"Just wondering who that black kid was." He was determined to get me in his bed. No matter what the cost.

"He's just a friend Jesse."

"Not anymore, I'm already giving you a break letting you hang with that Eric kid, because he has a girlfriend. But he might start hitting on you." I didn't dignify him with a response, and went back on with my work.

The bell rang, and we went on to lunch, which was off-campus on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so the top of the school didn't have to eat the disgusting school lunches everyday. Oh, the perks of being a senior.

"So, where are we going to lunch?" Jesse asked suddenly. He knew the answer, but he insisted on assuming I was going to waste my time with him. I'm only with him because my his father is paying my father to keep us together. Greedy bastard.

"You know I'm not going to lunch with you. I eat with people I actually like."

"Aww, come on, you know you like me." I question how he got into this grade with his logic. I once again, left without response, and met up with Eric and Miku.

"Hey, wanna invite the new kid to go with us?" Eric asked. He seemed to be on good terms with Nick, considering the fact that we usually close ourselves off to everyone else around us.

"New kid?" Miku asked. I forgot that she's the only one that hasn't met him yet, because he's only been here for one class.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you about him. Go ask him to come along! He's over there." I said, spotting him pushing his car from the shop class garage. I watched her as she happily skipped over to him. I will never know how she stays so happy, must be something something at home.

"You like him don't you?" Eric asked. I held up my fingers to show that I had a really tiny crush on the guy. "Ha, knew it. But then again, anything's probably better than Jesse, right?" Oh you have no idea. I thought. Nick and Miku joined us to get some ice cream at the ice cream truck by the school. We hung out around Nick's car, where he told us about his ventures in the F3000 series, and how he got his current FIA GT ride and his partnership with Hendrick Motorsports.

"So, in return, all I have to do is run a race at Watkens Glen, and I need to find somebody to race at Sonoma in June. Which reminds me, Eric, can we talk in private?" He asked. Eric agreed and they went off towards a private place.

"Oh yay!" Miku cheered. "Eric's always wanted to go pro! I'm so glad we met him!" I gave a small chuckle. This guy was alright. Okay who am I kidding? I'm wondering why I didn't meet him sooner! Plus, I distinctly remember every team needing at least three drivers to race at the 24 hour race in Belgium. Maybe that might bring me a chance! I guess this means I should probably start dropping hints now.

Eric came back over looking happier than I thought he would've. He explained how they wouldn't be doing the same series each year, moving on to NASCAR next year. Apparently, Nick was on good terms with the racing community, as his father used to work for Mario Andretti. So he has a lot of connections throughout the racing world as a hole.

I went on through the day, possibly one of the greatest I've ever had, but then I realized something. I still had to go home.

I had to go home to my abusive father.

DUN DUN DUN! Way to drop a bombshell, right? Well, welcome to the story. I hope you've enjoyed it. The races that'll be described later on in the story will be driven by me in GTR2 and NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. Eric, and on occasion Kiara and Miku, will be driven by the AI as I take a break and simulate driver changes. Just a quick year update.

It will go: 2003: FIA GT, 2004: NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series (Eric and I technically on the same team, just different cars), 2005: A1 Grand Prix (Eric and I being on different teams), 2006: Australian V8 Supercars (NASCAR Situation), 2007: Japanese Super GT Series, 2008: DTM Series (NASCAR Situation), and 2009: American Le Mans Series.

That's the farthest I've planed out so far. Check my page later for screenshots of the 2003 Playstation Corvette C5.R, that I will be running in the GT Class this year. And I will also post laps of the track we will be racing on during that race week.

Review please! I plan on finishing this one!