Hospital of Hell

Note from DarkAngelGal: I'd just like to say that this is my first play ever so I hope you enjoy it! Please read and then tell me what you think by reviewing! Now, sit back, relax and delve into this mystery and horror of the Hospital of Hell!

Characters: (All are teenagers from 15-17)

Brooke : An ordinary teenager. (protagonist)

James: A guy who studies sci-fi and paranormal activity.

Chloe: A journalist.

Alex: A computer nerd.

Vy: A smart-ass troublemaker.

Alexis: A cheerleader.

Rufus: A jock.

Josh: Another Jock.

Meredith: Her identity will be revealed in due time. (Antagonist) She is 12 years old.

Sylvia: Meredith's friend.

Christina: Ghost 1.

May: Ghost 2.

Heather: Ghost 3.

Chauncey: A random Chihuahua.

Text Messenger 1 (TM1)

Text Messenger 2 (TM2)

Mom: (Mother of Meredith)


Two friends are a texting each other from their cell phones. This is the conversation.

TM1: Hey, bud! Wat u doing?

TM2: Nothing

TM1: Have u ever heard of the LonelyChatRoom?

TM2: No…wat is it?

TM1: It's a Chat Room tht was created by this girl…ppl say she died..

TM2: Awww….tht's sad…y is tht news?

TM1: Cuz ppl say tht u can still talk 2 her even though she's dead!

TM2: Yea, right! They're prob just rumors!

TM1: Then y do some ppl say tht they have actually spoke to her…even after she died!

TM2: Maybe she's alive and she's lying.

TM1: Then y was her death on the news?

TM2: How do u know her death was on the news? Kids are prob making stuff up.

TM1: No it's real…& I wuld prove it 2 u if…

TM2: If wat?

TM1: Well…there's some rumors going around tht 3 girls went on da site …& they died.

TM2: Exactly tht! It's just rumors!

TM1: No! It's true.

TM2: Wateve

TM1: :( Ur so mean! I bet da girl will kill u 4 ur harsh wrds!

TM2: No "dead" girl is going 2 come after me…u watch 2 much ghost shows.

TM1: :/ I'm not txting u anymore

TM2: Fine…Bye!

TM1: :0

End of Prologue.