Floor 9

James runs down the hallway until he screeches to a halt; at a dead end. He whirls around to see Sylvia holding a knife in her hand, blocking the way.

SYLVIA smiles gruesomely: Finally. I got you cornered.

JAMES holds up hand in surrender: Before you kill me; at least tell me why you're doing this.

SYLVIA: Let's just say it's on the behalf of a friend…

JAMES: For Meredith right? Why are you doing this for her?! What is your connection?

SYLVIA nostalgic: We go back a long time…We met through Alistair but then…he changed her…

JAMES: What?!

Floor 10

Brooke follows Chauncey up the stairs and into a hospital room. The room looks like all the other hospital rooms except this one isn't vacant. A young girl with black wings sits on the bed closes to the window.

MEREDITH: You're finally here. Grabs Chauncey, sits him in her lap and strokes his fir.

MEREDITH: You brought me my dog too.

BROOKE whispers brokenly: You're…you're…

MEREDITH pivots to Brooke: Go ahead. You can say it. I'm a Dark Angel.

BROOKE gasps: Who did this to you…?

MEREDITH scowls: Who do you think?

Silence for a few moments…

BROOKE: What happened that night? Says this awkwardly.

MEREDITH: Why should I tell you?

BROOKE: Please…I need to know…give me a chance.

MEREDITH sighs: Fine. Inhales deeply. That night I was sleeping peacefully along with the other occupants in the room. Christy…May…Heather…they ditched me…to protect themselves. They didn't care for me. Anyway, Alistair visited me again but…there was something different about him. His eyes were a bloody red and he acted…strange. H-he attacked me…Sylvia tried to stop him but it was too late…

The room goes deathly quiet again.

MEREDITH: And the others…they just stood by and watched! They did nothing! And you did nothing because you weren't there! You weren't there to protect me! If you only came like you promised then I'd still be…alive.

Tears run down Brooke's face and she sobs into her hands.

BROOKE still sobbing: I'm sorry! I'm sorry I wasn't there and that nobody tried to help you…but you have to listen to me! I did go to visit you! But on the way their…a trunk came at 80 miles an hour. I was given a concussion and was put in a state of amnesia, which explains why I didn't remember my promise until now. I'm really, really sorry, Meredith! I know that's no excuse but I'm sorry!

MEREDITH shrugs: It's too late to apologize but I don't care. It's all going to be over soon anyway.

BROOKE confused: What?!

Floor 9

Sylvia had just told Meredith's story to James. James stands in astonishment and sadness.

SYLVIA: So there you go. That's what happened to her. Now…it's time to die.

Sylvia moves for the death blow.

JAMES: Wait! Sylvia freezes knife in midair.

SYLVIA annoyed: What?

JAMES chuckles nervously: You don't want to kill me. I haven't done anything to Meredith!

SYLVIA: You abandoned her. And I vowed I would kill anyone who refused to help her in her time of need.

Sylvia moves to stab James. James surprises her by grabbing the end of the knife which is aimed at his throat and pushes it away. The knife slips out her grasp and is flung against the wall. James dives for it and grabs the knife; just as Sylvia tackles James. James and Sylvia struggles for the knife on the floor for a few minutes, then James gets a hold of the knife and stabs Sylvia in center of the neck. James overtakes her and pinns her to the floor, his body looming over hers. He takes the knife and gives her multiple stab wounds in her throat until it's nearly severed off. When he ensures that Sylvia is no longer a threat he gets up and wipes away sweat; smearing blood on his forehead.

SYLVIA coughs up blood: You may have destroyed me but Meredith still has Brooke.

JAMES puzzled: What do you mean?

Then he got it. James gasps and races up the stairs to save Brooke.

The Roof

Brooke and Meredith are both on the roof of the building. Meredith is standing on the ledge of the roof with Brooke standing, terrified, a few feet away.

BROOKE voice trembling: W-what are you going to do?

Meredith puts Chauncey down and reveals a bomb strapped to her waist from underneath her shirt.

MEREDITH lights a match: Farewell. Pitiful human.

Meredith touches the match to the wick of the bomb and is about to jump off the ledge when Brooke wraps her arms around Meredith. They both topple over the edge and fall. Meanwhile James rushes onto the rooftop from the door and races over to grab them. His fingers graze Brooke's shirt but he doesn't succeed in catching them.

JAMES leaning over edge: NO!

Meredith and Brooke plummets to their deaths and as soon as they bang into the ground the bomb explodes, creating a gaping hole in the front of the hospital which causes the who structure to crumble. Among the fallen dust and debris, only one figure emerges.

SYLVIA dusts self off: Stupid boy. If he wanted to kill me so bad he was supposed to fully decapitate my head. Either that or blow me up.

She surveys then walks away from the wreckage, never to return.

The End

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