Legit Tunes.

dead lyrics pour through the ears
of all broken and lost.
you oh you.
who would believe.
the lies i tell you

nothing like the words of the
to make you feel

legit tunes i call them.
something s wrong with you,
you say.
because i listen to the music
of those who have given up.

maybe if you knew
what i know you
would listen,
to them too.

music of the
to make me feel like im

we listen to music that understands us.
you don t like it?
don t listen.
wish you understood me?
listen to the legit tunes
you may get a clue

you hate my music
i can t live without
it take it away and i will become like
the dead who sing the songs
you despise.

welcome to my world
of the dead mom.
leave me here.
and i may come out