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13 years later

As she was driven to her new school that morning, Darcie felt very uneasy. She hadn't wanted to come here, but what could she have done? Run away?

She looked to her right and saw Oliver, her handsome best friend, smiling at her. He gave the smile that would melt girls' hearts, and you could tell just from looking at him that he was the guy who'd break everyone's heart and still have them coming back for more. But not me, Darcie thought proudly. He'd never hurt me.
And it was true. If ever she was in trouble, he'd be there. He'd protect her with his life, and they both knew that.
Since the night they'd met, when Oliver had saved Darcie from things she couldn't even begin to imagine, he'd cared for her. She didn't go back to her old house. Instead Oliver took her to a little place in London. It was there that she met Maybel and Charlotte Faire, Oliver's twin sisters, who were coincidentally in the back of the car.

"Ollieee," Maybel whined, sounding five rather than fifteen. "Are we there yet?" Finished Charlie.
Oliver sighed and took his eyes from Darcie to look back at the road ahead of him.
"No, we are not there yet." He rolled his eyes in a way that only Darcie could see it, and she grinned at him.
Maybel was the annoying, childish one whilst Charlie was the mature, responsible one. Darcie loved them both, but sometimes she wanted to bash their heads together. This was one of those moments.

"So..." Darcie said, changing the subject. "When are you going to get a girlfriend, Ollie?" She mocked. She knew he hated that name, and now it had been said twice in thirty seconds. Oliver had only ever had two girlfriends, and he didn't even kiss either of them.
"I don't need a girlfriend. I've got three stroppy girls at home already, why would I want another one hanging off my arm?"
Darcie pouted. Stroppy? "I bet you just can't get one." She said, somewhat stroppily, knowing she was smirked.
"Or whatever." Darcie mumbled. She turned her attention to imagining the people she'd meet at the school.

"I could walk you to your first class if you wanted?" Oliver suggested sweetly to Darcie, as if he were trying to make it up to her. She thought about it.
"Thank you for the offer Oliver, but I'm sixteen now. So no thank you," she replied, feeling slightly silly for sounding too much like an adult.
"Alright." Oliver said indifferently.

She'd never understood it properly, but all three of the Faire siblings aged weirdly. When they'd met, Oliver had looked like he'd only just become a teenager, thirteen years later and he looks like he'd aged about 3 years. But when she'd asked, he'd said he has some rare disease which makes him age really slowly. Apparently his parents had it and passed it to the kids. Maybel and Charlie didn't look like they'd aged much at all.

So because of this, Oliver was in Year 12, same as Darcie. They were both in sixth form now, and the twins were in Year 10 as their birthday fell in September, making them the oldest in their year.

Suddenly, the car stopped and Darcie looked up to see a big building towering up above her. It was louder than she thought it would be, she could hear the noise from inside the car.
"Come on Pet." Oliver gave a big smile to Darcie, and stepped out. As she was fumbling with her seatbelt, the door opened to reveal a rather striking Oliver. The sunlight bounced off his hair, making it shine and show off its glossy blackness. For the first time that day, she noticed his clothes. He wore a smart white shirt that fell open to reveal a plain back t-shirt underneath. He had on a pair of black skinny jeans as well, and some Converse. The sun made his face look stunning, and she could hardly take her eyes off him.

"Do come on," he said, rather patiently and held out his hand. She gladly took it and let him shut the door behind her. She was beginning to like this first day more than she thought she would.

They made their way inside just as the bell sounded, reminding them to get to first lesson. Oliver took the three girls to the office, and then after pointing Maybel and Charlie in the direction of their class, walked Darcie to hers even though she'd insisted he didn't.
"But your class is actually right next to mine," Oliver pointed out. This was in fact a lie. They were two long corridors apart, at opposite sides of the building. "Did you think I'd walk half a mile behind you so we wouldn't be seen together?" He asked, standing still.
Darcie didn't want that. She wanted to show Oliver off to the world, not that she knew why, or would ever admit it.
"No, of course not." Darcie replied. "I expected you to walk a whole mile behind." She giggled at Oliver's surprised reaction and carried on walking to her classroom.
"I'm sitting with you at lunch," he whispered tauntingly in her ear as he shuffled past her and carried on down the corridor. Darcie looked at him with raised eyebrows.
"You are NOT!" She hissed before he turned the corner, not wanting to alert every teacher to the fact that she was the new girl and hadn't yet found her way to class.

Darcie walked down the hall, looking at room numbers. Just then, a boy rounded the corner. He looked straight at Darcie, with a grin on his face. She'd just turned her head to look, and that was when she landed on the floor. She hadn't seen him until it was too late, and now everything she had been carrying was floating down to the ground. The boy rolled his eyes, but bent down to scoop up her books and random sheets of paper that were no doubt useless. He held out a hand and she took it, glad to be on her feet again.

As he handed her stuff over, his eyes widened, as if he were seeing her properly for the first time. His mouth opened in a tiny o, but all that could be heard was the sputtering that came from within. Darcie pulled her eyebrows into a frown, giving him a questioning look. This seemed to bring him back to normal slightly, and he ran a hand through his gorgeous chocolate brown hair. Darcie took the time to notice his features. Bright blue eyes that looked amazing when the light shone on them, like sparkling gemstones. Pink lips that looked feminine but the masculinity of the rest of his face made him more 'handsome' than 'pretty'.

"Elysia?" He whispered, shock radiating all over his face.
"No. I'm Darcie." She smiled timidly.
He stared into her eyes for a moment and grinned.
"I thought you were someone else. You look just like her." He said cheerfully. You'd never have guessed he'd ever lost that grin.
"Maybe we're twins," she laughed jokily. He gave a chuckle and said, "Yeah, maybe."
"Who's Elysia?" She questioned, not caring about the fact that she was asking a stranger something personal.
"Friend," he shrugged. Girlfriend, Darcie thought at him. From the guilty look he gave, she knew she was right.
"So this friend of yours... Why would seeing her shock you?"
The boy eyed her carefully, trying to work her out. His name... What's his name?
"What's your name?" She suddenly burst sounded like she'd been holding her breath for ages and had only just let it out.
"What's with all the questions, Blondie?" He teased.
"What, did you get that from a movie?" She teased back, forgetting that he'd never given his name.
"Course. That's where I get all my lines from." He said matter-of-factly. And then he winked at her. She made a noise of disgust. He continued, "She died is all. I think you'd be pretty surprised if you saw someone whose funeral you attended." He had a pretty relaxed expression for someone talking about a dead lover, which Darcie would have found suspicious if she hadn't been thinking of a reply.
"Oh," was all she could say. She didn't want to give a lame 'sorry' because everyone said that, and some people don't like it.

"You jealous?" He asked, grinning.
She laughed. "I just met you. Why would I be jealous?"
" 'Cause I'm hot." He stated simply. First person I meet turns out to be full of himself. Great.
"F.Y.I." She started. "I already live with a hot guy. And you're nothing compared to him."
Smirking she turned and opened the door to her classroom, not pausing to see the dumbstruck expression she knew would be there.

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