The man's head hit the cracked pavement sending his blood spattering all over the place. It oozed out of the back of his head where there was a prominent opening from where her axe had met his skull. The man's eyes closed softly and she watched as his life drained from his body.

She wouldn't have just killed him for no reason, she never killed the innocent. Deep down Marcus Rennington was a bad man. He had killed young girls left and right out of shere joy ,and now it had been her chance to give him a taste of his own medicine. It wasn't that she liked to kill people, it was her job. Her duty. Something she had to do for the rest of her life.

She pulled out her cellphone and dialed a number to a disposable phone. "It's done." She stated through the reciever, and hung up. She then picked up the man easily ,even though he weighed a good two hundred pounds, with her black leather gloves. She reached the end of the alley and a black car with tinted windows came to halt right where she stood.

The back door opened up and she set the body inside and handed the man her bloodied up axe. Then she watched the door slam shut and peel away from the scene. She watched the car until it disappeared up and over the hill. Then she slipped off her gloves and put them in her jacket's pocket.

She started the long walk to her house wondering for a milli-second about what she had done. It pained her a bit thinking that no matter how bad of a man Marcus was, he was still someone's son and she had just murdered him. She touched the back of her neck where a tattoo of three red stars reminded her that she was stuck with this life forever.

Being an assassin wasn't so easy.