a very short story:
There once was a girl named jenny. Jenny was a nice girl but she wasnt skinny so people made fun of her. Jenny would go home and cry and wish to be skinny everyday,
she would wish to be skinny every night. One day she stopped eatting so she could be skinny. Jenny thought it would solve all her problems. It didnt, the kids still made fun of poor jenny.
They said she was worthless didnt deserve to live was a fat ugly piece of shit and so many other horible things. After being called this for many weeks and months the only way jenny saw a way to punish and realive the pain from herself was to cut open her wrist.
She felt like she deserved to have a blade ripping her skin open and blood pouring knew she shouldnt do it but to her it was the only way she could get the pain to go away.
After the first cut Jenny couldnt stop. Her wrist and legs were covered in scars. She wore long sleeves and pants everyday so no one would see. Even with the fear of people knowing she still cut. When she cut her legs Jenny worte fat ugly worthless so she would never forget what she was.
When jenny saw the word fat she used it to motivate her to not eat so she could "perfect". The kids still didnt let up though even when she lost 10lbs they still called her fat ugly useless pathetic. So jenny just thought I'm not skinny enough so she went on fast after fast and purged after she ate anything.
Jenny still cut and she lost the will to stop or recover. Jenny felt like she was not worthy of living. Jenny became overwhelmed with emotions of sorrow. she never thought that she could even come close to happy again. She felt all alone and thought no one cared if she lived or died Jenny became stuck in the deppression that became her life. It consumed everything she did. Jenny was so much more than depressed. She lost all hope. Everyday became a struggle and each cut less satisfing. People continued to torment her calling her dumb fat ass pathetic waste of life useless unimportant they told her to just kill her self.
jenny thought about that everyday and how she is just a horrible person and she was just doing everyone a favor. So one day Jenny just couldnt take the self hatred saddness pain any longer and hung herself.
Jenny's mom had no clue how sad Jenny really was. She was calling for her and eventually went up and opened her door to find jenny dangling fro her closet. Her mom dropped to her knees screaming. Jenny's sister heard her moms screams and came racing in she Jenny and began screaming too. Her mom called 911 and cut her down holding her body her mom crying harder than anyone knew was possible started asking herself why didnt I try to help you? why didnt I notice how unhappy you were? Jenny's mom never forgave herself Jenny's sister was never truly happy again. this was jenny's story