You wanna know my secret?
You wanna know how to get
Into somebody's head?
Then follow me and I'll show you
Just be sure to be quiet or you'll
Wake the dead

To feel the emotions of someone
Not yourself, you've gotta
Play pretend for a little while
And feel what they feel
See what they see
Do what they do
Touch what they touch
Smell what they smell
Taste what they taste and
Sense what they sense
You've gotta be an actor or an
Actress auditioning for a
Movie role
You've gotta own the stage and
Act like you've never left home

You've gotta pull the heartstrings
And the hand strings and arm strings
And the legs too, and do a little dance
You've gotta pretend that you're
Controlling a puppet to feel
And move like someone else
You've gotta take the puppet
And make it come to life
Move it around, talk to it,
Play with it, pretend that it
Makes faces and that it likes you

Did that help?
Did you get into somebody's mind?
I'll admit, I'm slightly offended that
She ever doubted my skill at feeling
What others feel
She thinks I feel nothing at all
Well, honey, I think in my head as I
Walk away,
You haven't seen anything yet