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"Why is there no more orange juice?"

I lifted my face up from where it had been looking at my breakfast to the man sitting beside me. Brad gave me a worried look before glancing pointedly at my glass. Which was full of orange juice. We looked at the sink, saw the empty carton and turned to face our roommate. Greyson was staring into the open fridge, back ridge and knuckles white. I bit my lip. If there was one thing I learned in the two months that I had been roommates with Brad and Greyson was that Greyson could not operate in the morning without a glass of orange juice. Which I had just finished.

Brad popped the last bit of his toast in his mouth before standing up, bar stool scraping on the wooden floor. "Well, I'm going to get ready for work. I'll meet you two in the lot." And with that he dumped his plate in the sink and sped down the hallway.

I stood up as well, eating the last spoonful of my Coco Pops before pressing the glass of orange juice into Greyson's hands. "Sorry, here you are, I'm going to shower, bye!"

"Elliot," Greyson sighed but I had already followed Brad down the hallway and into my room. I quickly straightened my bed out before grabbing my work clothes and heading into the bathroom. Brad nodded at me as he left, grabbing the car keys from the small table that was situated between his and Greyson's rooms. I heard him say something to Greyson before I closed the bathroom door and started getting ready.

Out of all of us, I was the one that took the least amount of time to get ready in the mornings. Brad woke up at some ungodly hour, went for a run, came back, showered, got dressed and had breakfast ready for when I woke up. Greyson only woke up about halfway through and got dressed first, coming in to eat just as Brad and I were finishing. Then Brad brushed his teeth and headed down to the car lot while I got dressed and waited for Greyson to finish. Then Brad drove us all to work where we stayed from quarter to seven to quarter to eleven. Then we helped clean up for an hour and headed home. The advantages of working in a breakfast bar was that you only worked for half the day with good pay.

Once I finished getting ready I let Greyson have the bathroom and went looking for his dog, Rusty. Greyson found him one day after work and the dog followed him home. At first Brad was reluctant to let us keep him as the apartment was already crowded but I worked on him and he caved. Though Rusty was still officially Greyson's as the damn dog only obeyed him.

"There you are Rusty," I smiled, leading the dog onto our balcony. "You be a good boy and daddy, Brad and I will be back in no time, yes?"

"It's a little disturbing that you tell him I'm daddy," I heard Greyson comment from behind me. I turned to see him leaning on the door frame, arms crossed over his stomach. "Ready to go?"

I nodded before turning to pet Rusty goodbye. "Bye-bye Rusty, no jumping over the railing."

I could practically feel Greyson rolling his eyes as I said that and he turned to lead us out. Brad had the engine going when we entered the lot, playing some rap song and tapping his fingers in time to the beat. Greyson beat me to the passenger seat and I scowled at his back as he slid in. As soon as I had closed the door Brad was peeling out of the lot and onto the streets. The drive to work wasn't that long but it was till fairly uncomfortable. Despite living together for two months, we barely talked to each other outside of work. Brad was off training for the Commonwealth Games, Greyson was doing uni courses and I was looking for jobs to put my bachelor of communication and media studies to use. I had been semi-successful so far and had a few interviews lined up in the coming weeks.

Fayola and Cassandra were already behind the counter when we arrived. It sounded like Fayola picked the music that was playing as it was some poppy tune that I didn't recognise. Brad flipped the open sign on the door around before jumping over the counter to stand between them.

"And how are you ladies on this fine morning?"

Fay giggled while Cassandra rolled her eyes. Brad was a smooth talker with the ladies and at closing time every day had a least five numbers from different customers. Most of them were from women but there had been a couple of guys that had hit on him as well. It didn't seem to bother Brad, it in fact made him almost smug, the fact that he had guys interested in him while I didn't. But he was pretty nice about turning them down before pointing to me and pretty much shouting out that I was gay and available.

"I'm pretty good, you guys?" Fay asked, giving the counter a final wipe before leaning against it.

Brad shrugged. "Not bad for a Thursday morning. Cassy?"

"Stefano and I went venue looking yesterday," she answered, straightening the cake stands. "We found one place that we both like for the reception so we're probably going to go check it out again on Saturday."

"Three months to the big day right?" I asked. "You nervous?"

"Not really," she smiled. "Mostly excited. You guys know if you're bringing anyone yet? We need to finalise the guest list soon."

"I am bringing Fay here," Brad smiled, leaning to give Fay a big kiss on the cheek. "She should be with the second best guy in attendance."

"Oh, I would have picked Greyson then," Fay mused. She gave an exaggerated sigh. "Oh well, guess I will settle for you."

Brad squawked. "There is no way Greyson is better looking then me! No way!"

"I don't know, I think I would rather date Greyson than you," I smirked, laughing outright at the glares they both sent me.

"I don't date," Greyson said shortly before stepping up to serve a customer. "Hi, what would you like to order?"

"Guess we have to start now," Fay sighed. "Eli, take the floor with me?"

I nodded and picked up a notebook to write orders down. The five of us had worked out a system by now and it was pretty damn efficient. Fay and I took the floor, writing down orders for larger groups while Cassandra and Greyson worked the counter. Brad alternated but mostly worked on passing breakfast orders to the kitchen and calling them out as they were completed. He was also the one who helped out in the kitchen if one of the cooks was unavailable.

"So, are you bringing anyone to Cass' wedding?" Fay asked as we waited for more customers to come in.

I shrugged. "Probably not. Right now I'm not seeing anyone and I've been focusing on job prospects."

"Yeah, can't work in this place forever right?" she laughed.

"Well, there are worse places to work. This is one of the better," I admitted. "But I'd like to be a multi-media journalist."

"Well, don't forget to have a bit of a social life as well," she told me. She glanced back at the counter. "And try to see if you three guys can interact a bit better. Cass and I know you guys aren't close."

"Fay, you're younger than me, you're not meant to be mother henning me," I moaned as a family of five walked in. "You got them?"

"I got them," she laughed. "But seriously, do try. I've already spoken to Brad about it."

"I'll try," I promised as she walked off.

And that summed up my job as a waiter at the Breakfast Club.

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