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"Wow," Fay said once Brad finished explaining what was going on. "Wow."

Cassandra pursed her lip and snapped her fingers at Greyson. "Pad and pen, now."

"He's so adorable," Fay cooed as Greyson left, scooting closer to Quin. "Hello cutie. You look so much like your daddy."

Quin stared at her before twisting around in Brad's lap, wrapping his arms around his neck and tucking his face in. Fay looked put out and Bad gave her a comforting smile.

"Don't feel bad, he hasn't spoke to us yet."

"Do you know if he can speak at all?" Cassandra asked, taking the pad and pen from Greyson as he returned. "Normally children are speaking around one years old."

"I don't know much of anything," Brad told her truthfully. "I don't know if he can speak, or swim, or if he's allergic to anything, if he plays sports. I'm in the dark about everything concerning him."

"He's got someone coming over next week with medical information next week," I added helpfully.

"That's good," Cassandra nodded, writing some stuff down. "Okay, Greyson is going to have to move into your room Elliot."

"What?" I asked as Greyson looked out from the kitchen.

"Excuse me?" he questioned.

"Well, Quin's going to need somewhere to sleep and Elliot's room is bigger," she explained. "So that'll need to be done, preferably this afternoon. I'll call Stefano, he can help move things."

"But, I need space," Greyson groused, coming in and flopping down on the couch. "I have uni work to do and I need quiet."

"Hey, I'm not loud," I argued, glaring at him. "In fact, I'm barely home after work. I'm out with your bloody dog."

"Guys, suck it up," Cassandra interjected before Greyson could reply. "You're grown men, you can deal with it. Now, what else does Quin need? We need to focus on him."

"Elliot says he needs clothes," Brad told her. "So he'll probably need a set of drawers to put them in."

"Oh, I've got one he can have," Fay said, perking up. "My sister bought it but then realised it didn't match with her other ones so she gave them to me. I have no use for them."

"Oh, thanks," Brad smiled. "I'll come round and pick them up tonight."

"That's good, we've got a start," Cassandra said, ticking something on her list. "Bed I can get you, Stefano's brother has one. His kids are too old for it now and they're not planning on having anymore. So that just leaves pillows and sheets for the bed."

"Toys and a toy box," I suggested. "Every kid needs toys to play with."

"Food," Greyson added. "We'll have to get some food kids like."

Cassandra wrote down everything we suggested. She called Stefano up and asked him to bring the bed frame around and a toolbox. Fay decided she would go get the drawers now, taking Greyson with her to help. I got my laptop out and starting looking at Target's website, looking at clothes and toys for Quin. I wrote stuff down as I hated shopping online and we would be going either this evening or tomorrow. Brad had placed Quin next to me and was talking with Cassandra in the kitchen. I showed Quin the screen and told him to point out toys he liked. He pointed out a few but mostly just stared at the screen.

When the buzzer went off Quin jumped, staring around the room wildly. I laughed and he turned to stare at me.

"Don't worry buddy, it's just someone wanting to come in," I assured him as I heard Brad move to buzz them in. Soon Stefano was inside and looking curiously at Quin.

"Quin, that's Stefano, we can like him," I explained. "He's got a bed for you and will be bringing it in with your daddy."

Stefano gave a small wave as Quin stared at him. When he got no response he shrugged and turned back to Brad.

"Want to go bring it up?" he asked, tilting his head to the door.

"Yeah, but we'll have to wait to put it together. Greyson needs to pack his stuff up, Elliot needs to make room for him, then we need to move Quin's stuff in and then-"

"Calm down mate," Stefano laughed, putting a hand on Brad's shoulder. "Don't stress yourself out too much, you'll break down."

Brad took a deep breath then nodded. "You're right. Okay, let's go get it."

The pair left, Brad ruffling Quin's hair and giving him a smile before following Stefano out. Cassandra wandered in and sat on Quin's other side, looking at my laptop screen and nodding.

"Good work, you writing stuff down?"

I showed her the pad with the list and prices. "Yep. I think we should look for food and clothes tonight, leave toys till tomorrow. We can go straight after work, that way Quin won't be too tired."

"That's a good plan, gives us more time to arrange your room. We should get started on that now actually. Come one, you bring Quin." She stood up and started making her way down the hallway.

I placed my laptop on the coffee table and turned to Quin. He looked up at me with wide eyes. "You want to help tidy my room up for Greyson? He's probably very fussy so we need to make it neat."

He tilted his head to the side before nodding slowly. I grinned and held my hands out to him. He lifted his arms and I picked him up, settling him on my hip. Rusty started following us, coming out from the kitchen and sitting in the doorway of my room. Cassandra was wandering around it, picking up clothes I had left on the floor and throwing them in a hamper. I would have felt embarrassed but she'd had acted as the mother to all of us since we started working together. I guess it came from being the eldest.

"We'll have to get him a clothes hamper as well," she said, looking over at us as we entered. "Thank God that your bed is against the wall, it makes things a lot easier. Greyson has the same desk as you, right?"

"Yeah, we bought them together," I told her, placing Quin down on my bed. "How is this going to work?"

"Well, we can move your desk around so it's against your headboard, that gives room for Greyson's desk and bed. Then your drawers can go at the foot of your bed and-"

"So, you've got a plan?" I interrupted her, grinning. She looked at me and blushed slightly, nodding. "That's good, just tell me what to do."

She nodded again and pointed to my desk. "Okay, we need to move that over. You okay with not having a side table?"

"Yeah, I can just use the desk," I told her, moving the side table away from the wall. "And I can always get one of those wall shelves for anything else."

"Oh, that's a good idea," she exclaimed, straightening up. "We can get some of those for Quin as well as some books. Probably should get one for Greyson as well."

Together we moved my desk over to create more space, Quin watching attentively from his spot against my pillow. Brad and Stefano came in once we had finished and looked around. Quin held his arms out to Brad and he wandered over, sitting down next to him. We watched as Quin crawled into his lap, bringing my pillow with him.

"Well, I guess we know what pillows to get him," I commented lightly, prompting laughter out of Brad, Cassandra and Stefano. Greyson had come back and popped his head in, looking around.

"Hey, someone come help bring the drawers up?" he asked, scratching Rusty's head.

Stefano nodded and followed him out, Cassandra going with them. I sat down next to Brad and looked at him.

"You know what Eli?" he asked. "I think this might actually work out now."

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