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I woke up on Friday morning feeling extremely nervous. It took me a while to remember why I was nervous but a look at my calendar and it hit my like a speeding train. This afternoon I had a job interview and it was a job a really, really wanted. A quick glance at Greyson's bed confirmed he was still asleep so I tiptoed out of our room and into the kitchen. Brad was of course already up, shirtless and making some omelettes. He looked over his shoulder at me and gave me a grin before tilting his head in the direction of the hallway.

"Could you get Quin up please? Greyson has to go on campus today so I have to bring him to work."

I nodded before turning around, almost tripping over Rusty who had come up behind me. I bent down to scratch his ears before heading to Quin's room, pushing the door open carefully. I couldn't help the smile that came over my face as I saw him. The little boy had the train quilt Cassandra gave him tangled up around his legs while he clutched a stuffed hippo to his chest. All the Avenger plush toys were on the ground, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow on the side I could see while Thor, Hawkeye and Captain America had been kicked over the foot of the bed. I walked over and knelt by his head, brushing the slightly sweaty curls off his forehead. Quin sighed softly before his eyes fluttered open. A hand moved up to rub them while I grabbed a tissue from the bedside table to wipe the drool at the corner of his mouth.

"Wakey time," I told him cheerfully, picking his up and settling him on my hip. "Daddy is making some omelettes and then you, me and him have to head off to work. Greyson has to go to school but we don't care about him, do we?"

Quin frowned at me and I laughed. "Okay, we do care about him. Let's get something to eat, yeah?"

Brad already had the omelettes plated by the time we got back, a sippy cup of tropical juice at Quin's spot and a glass of orange juice at mine. Brad took Quin off from me and peppered the boy's face in kisses while Quin giggled and squirmed. I had just slid into my place when Greyson walked in, dressed for the day and a satchel slung over his shoulder.

"Do my eyes deceive me or his he up and looking semi alive?" Brad staged whispered to me, grinning.

"I think he is," I answered as Greyson rummaged through the fridge.

"He can still hear you," Greyson grumbled, pulling the carton of orange juice out and leaning against the counter. "And he has to be at school in forty-five minutes. So, I'll see you guys this afternoon if I don't get held up. Sorry I couldn't look after Quin today."

Brad shrugged as he cut up Quin's omelette. "Nah it's fine. Alice says she doesn't mind if he comes into work occasionally as long as it's not every shift I work."

Greyson nodded before downing the glass of juice he just poured himself in two gulps. He then set the glass in the sink and grabbed one of the muffins that we took home from work yesterday. He nodded to us and ruffled Quin's hair before leaving.

"You know, I never know what to expect from him," Brad said. He stretched in his seat before standing up, taking my empty plate and putting it in the sink. "You're easier to read. You don't hide anything."

"Thanks?" I asked after a few seconds of silence.

Brad laughed. "It's a compliment. You're not afraid to be who you are. So many people try to fit in and forget what makes them well… them."

"Oh right, thanks," I smiled. "Hey, do you think you could give me a lift somewhere this afternoon? I have a job interview and I don't know how to get there."

"Yeah, sure. I probably don't either but hey, the GPS in the car should!"

"So this is the place?" Brad asked. We were both peering out the windshield at the building. I looked down at the address I had with me and nodded.

"Yeah, it is. I'm actually surprised how close it is to our apartment."

"You want us to hang around for you?" Brad asked, gesturing to Quin. "I can take him to the shops, pick out some books or toys."

"Nah, I'm good. I can get bus home. Thanks though," I answered, stepping out of the car.

"Alright then, good luck," Brad smiled, putting his sunglasses back on.

Quin waved at me and I waved back as Brad pulled out of the parking lot. I straightened my jacket out and checked my bag to make sure I had a copy of the resume I had sent in before walking towards the doors. The building wasn't tall, only about three stories high and had reflective glass windows. When I walked in I couldn't stop the appreciative whistle that came out as I looked around. It all looked so fancy while being comfortable at the same time. I walked up to the front desk and the woman behind it looked up from her computer and smiled.

"Elliot Bonsman, right?" she asked before I could say anything. At my nod she picked up a folder and walked around the desk to me. "If you'll follow me, Mr. Glover and Mrs. Neale are just preparing the room."

The elevator ride up to the third floor was as awkward as any elevator ride with a stranger was. The doors slid open soundlessly and the woman led me out, her hills clicking against the shiny floor. She knocked on the door at the far end of the hallway and pushed it open, gesturing me inside. I walked in with slight awe, the glass dome on the roof allowing the sunlight to filter in.

"Ah, Merna, thank you," the man said, taking the folder she held out to him with a smile. He was fairly good looking, tall, slightly muscled with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He filled out a suit well and looked to be in his early thirties and he had a firm handshake.

"Elliot, hello, I'm Robert Glover, it's a pleasure to meet you and this is my business partner, Monique Neale."

"Hello, pleasure to meet you darling," Mrs. Neale said, moving forward and shaking my hand. "In all technicality, he's my business partner as I started this business."

"Pish posh," Mr. Glover laughed, waving his hand and sitting at the table. "Take a seat, take a seat, help yourself to the food, God knows we have too much."

"Do ignore him darling, he gets a bit excited over some things," Mrs. Neale sighed.

"Um… okay," I said meekly, taking a seat across from them and sliding my bag onto my lap.

"I'll get straight to the point Elliot, you were the best applicant we received," Mr. Glover started. "Your work that you sent in, the stuff you did in high school and the university work, was outstanding. No seriously," he continued at my doubtful look, "I honestly wanted to hire you as soon as I looked over your application but Monique said I would have to wait."

"We need to get a feel of you first," she explained, taking a sip of her tea. "Get to know your personality and see how well you work under pressure. So, tell us a little bit about yourself, things that you wouldn't have put on your resume."

"Well, I live with two of my co-workers," I began. "Brad and Greyson. At first it was a bit tense and awkward but now it's gotten a bit easier. We talk a lot more now."

"And why's that?"

I hesitated. "Well, I'm not sure I should tell you everything because it's not really something for me to tell but Brad's almost four-year-old son has come to live with us for the next month and a half now."

After that it was really easy to talk to them. Robert and Monique both insisted I call them by the first names and they themselves were really interesting people. Robert was fun loving and didn't seem to have any worries while Monique was a bit more serious and in control. They asked me a range of questions, from my family, to working at the Breakfast Club, to my school years, to living with a young child.

"Well, like I said, I would love to hire you now," Robert laughed as he ate the last of his lamington. "But like all other applicants we have had we do have a… homework task if you will, for you to do."

Monique explained it further. "We want you to comprise a mini-web magazine. There needs to be at least three news articles and a mock interview. You can choose what the articles and interviews are about and it will need to be in to us by the first of December. We just want to see what you can do now. As we've mentioned, your work from high school and university is great, but we need something fresh."

I nodded along, ideas already swimming in my mind. "Okay… yeah, I can do that. Could I have your email address please? I mean, not the business one, but your personal ones. I remember one time I sent in an assignment to my professor's university email and his personal one but it only came through to his personal one?" I blinked a few times before smiling sheepishly. "Sorry, I just don't want it to get lost."

Robert laughed as Monique wrote something down on the back of a business card. "No problem! It's actually good to see that you're taken precautionary measures. No one else who had applied for the position has asked that yet."

I took the card from Monique and we all stood up. Robert shook my hand first and then Monique, who led me to the door.

"Well Elliot, I must say I'm looking forward to seeing your work, and hopefully will be working with you soon."

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