The story of me…

I felt bad for watching Chris cry and cry. I felt bad for my mother that lost me. But most importantly I felt bad for my baby girl who will never have the mother I wanted to give her. Yes my daughter only about 3 months old when I left this place. Very few people knew about my lovely Brielle even though I was young I was proud of my little family, Brielle Chris and me.

I love you Chris said to me as we laid in his bed this is the only time I felt like I was a part of something important something bigger than me something magical but tonight was different I was withholding information from Chris something that would change our lives forever . Chris I have something to tell you, I said looking Chris right in the eye. Can I ask you something first, Chris asked kissing my forehead. Sure I said looking curiously into Chris's eyes. Why aren't you all moody like you usually is this time of mouth I mean right you should be jumping down my throat about something I didn't mean to do Chris said adding his cute little smile at the end of his sentence. Well that's kind of what I need to speak to you about Chris I think I'm preg—Chris stopped me before I could finish my sentence You're not Cait you can't be were only juniors in high school we can't handle this right now come we gotta tell your parents Chris said freaking out. Babe hold on I don't even know for sure yet I wanted you to be there when I took the test I reached for my purse and pulled out a little blue box that said 100% effective. Well I guess there is only one way to find out if our lives are forever gonna change. Chris said walking me to the bathroom he sat down next to the door. Go on Cait I'm sure you know what to do. Chris said pushing the bathroom door open with his foot. I walked into the bathroom and sat that little blue box on the counter I can't believe I'm doing this I'm 16 years old I'm way too young for this but I guess we made the mistake now we have to live with it. About a minute or two later I came out and sat next to Chris he pulled me into his arms and said this will never change what great love I feel for you. You are my angel and you will always will be pregnant or not Chris said kissing me I started to cry I buried my headed into his shoulder turning his light gray shirt to a dark gray shirt from the tears I cried the Kevin Chris's brother walked through the hallway what's wrong with her Kevin said looking down at my tear stained face. Dude go away nobody likes you Chris said back to Kevin as he pulled me closer no seriously its 3o'clock in the morning what's wrong said Kevin. I and Cait did something's we probably shouldn't have and now, now Cait's umm pregnant…

Christopher man what are we gonna do Kevin said sitting down next to us on the hallway floor. Then I buried my head in Chris's shirt once again and continued to cry.

You to get some sleep Kevin said to us as he helped me up

You have school in the morning,

That night I fell to sleep with tear drops falling down my face but at least I was with my Chris. I was eating breakfast when Kevin came in to talk to me Cathlynn he said sitting next to me I looked at him funny nobody ever calls me by my real name. Cait you really mean the world to my brother and so that means you are always welcome in this house and you really mean a lot to me too because for once you don't treat me and Chris differently than the rest because we don't have a family like you do. So were im trying to get to is you can live here you Chris and the baby. I mean you really don't have anywhere else to go so you have to stay here but I want you to know you're always welcome I may not be the nicest guy but I love you because you're the only girl that makes my brother happy.

Months went by I got bigger and bigger. My parents begged me to come back home but I couldn't I belonged with Chris. So now the day before my little baby girl is supposed to come and we cant even decide a name for my precious little girl.

Christopher Andrew we really need to decide on a name for our baby I said playing my favorite song "Brielle" by sky sailing

Isabelle? Chris said from across the room he has been pushing this name since we found out it was a girl.

No to old fashion how about Jonie I said smiling

No, we are not naming our daughter after you best friend! Chris said

Why not I like Jonie I said frustrated

OH MY GOD I GOT IT! Chris yelled jumping up from the chair and sitting down next to me on the couch.

What? I said a bit confused

You know your favorite song by the name of…. Chris said smiling really big

BRIELLE! Chris you're a genius I said kissing him

I know I know he whispered he was blushing.

I stood up I planned on