It started raining the next day, so I suggested that we hold our first meeting in Delaney's living room. To my surprise, Delaney agreed with me. I think her toes were still hurting a lot.

The good thing about the rain was that Delaney didn't have to go to imaginary tennis. Her mom made us lemonade and everything. She said that she thought it was nice to finally meet one of Delaney's friends. She kept on calling me "Harley." I didn't really have the heart to correct her. Sometimes, if someone thinks your name is "Harley" for long enough, there isn't really anything you can do about it.

That got me thinking about college. I didn't have the best grades or anything, but my mom had all this money saved up so I expected I was going to college somewhere. I wondered what would happen if one of my professors started calling me "Harley"; just right in the middle of class or something. I wouldn't be able to correct him, obviously, because I wouldn't want to interrupt or anything. Then that professor would talk to all the other professors about me, and they'd all end up thinking my name was Harley. Then once I'd graduated my professors would write me job recommendations and so my boss would start calling me Harley, and then all my coworkers would think that was my name. And then I'd probably sit next to this really nice lady who worked as a secretary or something, and so we'd get married and name our son Harley, after me. Then I'd probably end up dying of alcoholism or commit suicide because I was depressed about how nobody knew my name. And then on my tombstone my wife and my son Harley would write in big, black letters, HERE LIES HARLEY UNDERWOOD; BELOVED HUSBAND AND FATHER, except they wouldn't actually mean that, because I would have been a terrible father what with the alcoholism and the suicide and everything. But it wouldn't really matter, anyways, because Harley Underwood would never have actually existed in the first place; so he couldn't have been a beloved husband and father; and so it wouldn't have even been a lie, after all.


I was so goddamn startled by Delaney yelling at me that I almost fell off of the sofa. "Wh…what? What is it?"

"I've been yelling at you for the past five minutes. You were catatonic or something. Again." She looked pretty angry about it.

"Sorry." I put my hand to my head. "I was having a thought." Sometimes, when I have a thought, there's really nothing anyone can do to bring me out of it.

"Is that going to be happeninga lot?" she snapped.

I shrugged.

"Well. Anyways." Delaney folded her arms. "We need to think about recruitment. A club isn't a club unless it has at least three members."

I was still rubbing my head. "Why not?"

"Well, one member is a person, two members is a pair, andthree members is a group. In order for there to be a club, there needs to be a group."

I began to wonder; did the castle exist if I was the only one in it?

"Oh," I said. "Should we make some more fliers?"

Delaney gave me a very angry look again.

"No," she said. "Give me your list."