A time when hopes are filled

A time when laughs are laughed

A time when memories are made

A time when friends are family

A time when home is in the arms of your friends

A time when all pains are forgotten

A time when all that is felt is love, laughter, joy, and fear

Fear of when this time will end

Fear of when this feeling will end

A time when all wishes turn from the hopeless thought

to be loved to the chance to be with your real family

A time when all you want is to be surrounded with the laughter

and love of the only ones that can and will love you

A time to turn from those hopeless wishes for them...

and turn to what has always been there

Embrace these times

Embrace the times when laughter exists

Embrace the times when there is no need to hope for

what you already have

Turn away from the painful past

Turn away from the tears

Turn away from the blood

Turn away from the scars

Turn to the only thing that lasts

This... I don't want to leave

This feeling... I don't want to stop feeling

This time... I don't want to forget

A time I never want to leave