Okay, here's a little something that needs clearing up.

In my guide "How to review like a pro" it makes it seem a lot like I'm putting down anybody who dosen't give a review as long as the chapter itself.

Reviews that say the same "Update plz" are annyoing, it's true, but there are reviews that, while not long, nor are the constructive, are still motivation, I got a review "You're an authors little helper". And while it doesn't offer what a full review would, it's motivating, and makes me feel good. If all you're going to do as a reviewer is compliment, then do so, but asking them to update and saying it's good isn't the way to do it, it's not original, everyone's heard it before!

If you're going to say something nice, make it look like you've actually read the story and thought about the review. (anolagy) There's a difference between picking nice furniture, and something that looks like it's from a dump. While they're both reviews, you'd rather have the nice review than the crappy one.