Late Summer, Date Unknown, Unknown Pacific Island

Camp Defense

Sergeant Chavez

AN: This chapter takes place at the same location as the previous chapter but deeper within the island.

Around four o'clock, right when the sun rose, we received an alert of an incoming Japanese attack. I, as a sergeant, gathered up all of my men and prepared them for the attack. Once we were all geared up, we formed a line within the trench facing the enemy charge. Many of my men shook with absolute anxiety, for the famed and feared kamikaze charge was coming our way.

The sun glared in our faces causing us to see only the running feet of the oncoming Japanese. Because of the rising sun I decided it would be best to charge the enemy head on instead of shooting at their feet.

"Charge, men, charge!" I ordered them.

But the men did not heed my words. They were scared shitless and wouldn't dare go forth and charge. I ordered them over and over again but still no avail. That was when I took the initiative my self.

I stood up and fired my Thompson at the only target I could see, their legs. As hard as it made be to believe, I had killed or injured every man in that Japanese charge. But unfortunately, I had also shot my best friend, -Name Unknown-. He had actually listened to my orders and had charge right at the moment I open fired. If he had ran ahead just 5 seconds earlier, maybe even 10, then I definitely would have missed him.

When I had learned of –Name Unknown-'s death I wept to myself the whole morning. "What a pitiful excuse for a Sergeant," I found myself saying. I have never forgiven myself for that morning, that one shot I fired. I have nightmares of it to this day. I sure do hope –Name Unknown- has forgiven me in heaven.

AN: Thanks for reading! I will upload more chapters if I find out more stories about my Great-Grandpa. Unfortunately, since he has long since been deceased, it will be hard finding out more. But one fun fact is that he was later demoted from Sergeant to Corporal for

"manner unbecoming of an officer". After the death of his best friend, he had grown to be a massive drinker. In the future, I will put up more war stories from my other relatives. One story will be of World War 1.