A low growl hid itself behind his lips and his glasses fogged over. He could feel his own lust straining in his jeans and red hot flashes bursting before his vision.

"Xavier, you have five different wrenches down here, which one do you want?"

"You," he growled, gripping her arms and grinding his erection against her.

Angel gasped, struggling to turn against him, "Xavier!"

He sank his fangs into her shoulder, lust contorting all of his rationality. Even as he left the wound his lips sought more and more of the sweet skin she hid underneath her tattered raven locks.

"Ow! Please stop...That feels really weird!"

"I...I can't," he murmured, strained. "I am burning for you, sister!"

She cried out as he snaked a hand up her top, "Agh, s-stop!"

But he couldn't. The little shorts that cupped her shapely frame and tank top she wore to run barefoot in the woods around their home teased him.

"Please, big brother," his twin sobbed, "You are scaring me!"

The red left his eyes, leaving behind the startled lavender color they shared. Stumbling back, he panted in exertion, still stunned at what he had done. "Oh my-...Oh god, Angel! I am so sorry!"

His sister hesitated before putting a hand on his shoulder. Even in his worst moments he knew his sweet little sister would never abandon him. "Xav...it's ok. Please do not get upset."

He took his glasses off. It was one thing to shed a tear before their abusive father but in front of her he always wanted to be an unshakeable man.

"Forgive me, Angel...I do not know what came over me."

She kissed his temple and laid her head on his shoulder. "Take it easy...You worry me when you have those spells..."

He rested his forehead against hers in an age old sign of Blacklandish love. "I have heard one of the demons speaking within father. He claims he is some kind of incubus, cumbersome and loathsome yet true. Does that make you and I no better? Sex-demons?"

Angel pulled away. She had the most wide, innocent eyes that seemed caught in perpetual surprise. "I suppose so. It would explain why we can take on an adult form at will."

"Can you do that now too? Let me see!"

She stood up, grinning nervously. "Alright, alright. No laughing!" She concentrated and was surrounded in the same black mist he took when taking on an adult form. When it released he gawked at her, "Wow...you are more beautiful than I even could imagine..."

Xavier covered the strain in his jeans, uncomfortable. "Gods above, I..."

Angel turned red, "Oh, do not be silly. Keeping your hands on it is just going to make it worse, you know."

"Yes, but...I did not want to offend you. Sometimes I worry that I am the demon and you were named more aptly. What if I cannot control myself and I hurt you?"

"You would not do such a thing," she murmured, sitting herself on his knees, "I do not think you would hurt me even if it did come to mating."

"Your faith in me is all that makes these bruises heal," he breathed, drawing her into a kiss. The softness of her lips comforted a deep bestial nature he fought consistently. He drew her against him, listening to their hearts beat in unison as she held on to his shoulders.



He pulled fully away, skin crawling with a heated determination. "Could I make love to you, sister? Would you hate me if I did?"

She shook her head and he smiled, collecting her in his arms before gently laying her on the little cot he used when he didn't want to go back to their house.

"Do you have any idea what we are supposed to do?" She asked, squirming nervously.

"Yes. I have seen it done," he assured, gently tugging her tank top up. He licked a fanged grin to see her bare, sun-kissed breasts exposed. "This is not my first time."

"It is not? Goodness, who have you done it with?"

"A few girls at school," he sighed, slipping his shirt off, "For some reason, they flock to me." He paused at her annoyed glance, "I did not think you would be bothered..."

"Well, it is not as if you have allowed me to speak with any boys," she grumbled, groaning as he nibbled across her shoulder blades.

"That is because there is no one good enough for you, Angel. You are my sister, it is my job to protect you and take care of you. You are so innocent that I am afraid they would take advantage of you."

She sighed, idly stroking the muscles in his stomach. Even at fourteen, her father had Xavier trained to a fault and his body reflected that discipline. "I am not trying to insult you, big brother. I know you are only trying to do what is best for me."

Xavier kissed her heart, slinking a hand down into her panties. "I understand. You are frustrated down here," her spasming gasps proved as much, "I shall attend to all your needs, sister. Do not worry."

Angel jerked from his calloused touch with untempered moans. Already, the heat of their joint lust had made her wet and the unchecked ravaging fangs her brother held were not helping. "Nn, Xavier! Am I supposed to do something?"

He could not help but laugh and guided her hand down his pants. "Explore. It is ok..."

She stroked down his hard length, almost paralyzed by the intense swell of emotions the incredible link they had provided. Every bit of each others existence was as available to the other as air itself.

"Mm, your hands are soft," he purred, running his thumb across her clit in quick little strokes. "Do you think you are ready?"

"Um...I guess so. It's going to hurt, right?"

"A little...According to the books I took from mother it should be natural since we are half-Blacklandish."

Xavier positioned himself, trying to be as gentle as possible.

They both uttered a unanimous gasp as he broke through her barrier. She clenched him, digging into his back as he stilled. "Ffff-ow!"

"Sorry...did I get both?..."

"Yes...You're in really deep."

He bit into her shoulder to carefully draw her attention away from the pain simultaneously fighting with the red tide of desire demanding to take over once more.

When he looked into his twin's eyes, she reflected the red of his own burning gaze and he felt their joint sanity snapping.

"I am about to hurt you, Angel...I cannot stop," he growled, piercing his own lip with his fang.

"Good," was the last thing he heard her moan before their senses spotted out into blackness.