Long waited, exodus echoes past old regrets and unhealed wounds this October.

Swimming Home, you can never go back to the abyss. Merciful, you forgive me and

give unto me your fears. Understanding you, I finally know the truth. Freak on a

leash, you are everybody's fool that is not so cool after all. Please call me when

you're sober or just don't breathe nomore. Made of stone, the change doesn't

last forever sometimes. Love serves as a tourniquet healing the broken parts

of you. Going under, you are torn asunder beyond words, thoughts or emotions.

You listen to the rain and then surrender your life into God's hands. The only

one to lose control, do what you want in these oceans of lies and tears. Haunted,

you discover a magical hidden secret open door that leads to heaven. You crossover

to the other side and I whisper hello. I follow you toward the end of the dream, an

epic violent thunderstorm. Together again in these fields of innocence, I long to be

like you even in death. All that I'm living for is to obtain an eternal internal spiritual high.

Lost in paradise, it is a new way to bleed. Bleed, I must be dreaming for you are taking

over me. Imaginary thoughtless solitude, my last breath, where will you go before the

dawn? My heart is broken, beautiful enchanted snow white queen, please bring me to life.

Fallen angel of mine, my immortal, say you will disappear and leave me alone forever. Sweet

sacrifice, your star is missing in the universe. Goodnight and goodbye, insignificant useless

weight of the world. Floating on cloud nine so called lithium, you drift farther away from me.

The wind of change takes your soul anywhere that your heart desires to visit. I meet you

somewhere halfway down the stairs and I don't drown myself in sorrow anymore. Feeling

good enough to be loved, I am trapped inside your heart-shaped box. Lacrymosa, Sally's

song, this will be the last song I'm wasting on you. Barely breathing beyond zero degrees

celsius, you are so close and yet so far away. Out of touch with reality, we have reached

the end of our fairytale story.