It was a very gloomy day in the land of Froglia and more so for our hero, Frol, the bald frog. He was supposed to go up and court the beautiful Frilia but upon turning around the corner on his way to her house, he heard this certain conversation with her friend accidentally. "I heard about Frol, Frilia. What are you planning to do about it?"

"Well," Frilia started, "I like Frol, however, I've always dreamt of a dashing young man with hair so beautiful that I would want to run my fingers through!"

Having heard this, Frol was shocked and blindly walked back to his house. He bumped on to a pole, hit his head and tripped. Frol landed on a bush and saw a beautiful mane of hair. Suddenly, the clouds parted and the angels sung. "This!" Frol said, holding the wig up and looking at it venerably "It's the answer to my prayer!" He placed the wig on his head and rearranged his clothes. With a puff of his chest and a dashing smile, he called for his mighty steed, the tortoise, and rushed to his beloved Frilia.

When Frilia saw the handsome Frol on his mighty steed, the tortoise, and his hair so bright and soft, she fell in love and immediately said 'yes' to his proposal. Overjoyed, Frol jumped and bowed and accidentally dropped his wig.

Both looked at each other, then at the wig. Frilia hasn't said anything while Frol was sweating buckets and was tearing up.

His fate has been decided, he thought.

Frilia, with her face devoid of emotion, stood up straight and walked towards Frol. She raised her hand and Frol closed his eyes preparing himself for the blow. Frilia, however, smiled, placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him lightly. "I would've said yes regardless, my dear Frol."

And so, Frol and Frilia both live happily ever after.


AN: This is a story that came about while I was updating my blogger profile and trying to generate some random question from the random question generator. As you could probably tell, I got carried away and exceeded the character limit. I had fun with it and I was even tempted to give Frol a sad ending so it would truly be a gloomy day in Froglia but alas, he was too sad that I took pity upon him. haha.

The question I got was this:

"The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig"